Good Food Ireland’s delegates lunch at the Web Summit in Dublin last year. Photograph: Luca Sartoni

New additions to the tech-fest in Dublin in November are food, sport, film and music

Beetroot burgers

Forget baked beans and frozen pizza and make an impression with these easy vegetarian dishes instead

 Illustrator Pierce Healy’s design for the first in a series of  Clement & Pekoe’s ‘neighbourhood artist cup project’

Mushroom picking season, the Natural Food Kitchen, cups of style, the GIY gathering and an organic fair

Fan-trained apple tree in fruit. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Fancy some real apples rather than techno ones? Here are some delicious apple recipes to get stuck in to, cider to drink and read (...)

Irish winners in Great Taste awards

 Rick Stein has published an updated edition of his fish and shellfish book

Beef Club banquets, seafood season, Rick Stein’s new release and gluten-free bakery in-store

Win a new coffee machine

There may not be a pearl in every oyster, but they’re still a jewel of the sea, and two forthcoming festivals celebrate this love (...)

Trainers opening their yards

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