New Zealand: Pinot Noir here varies greatly in style, but the best are relatively full-bodied, sometimes spicy, with delicious soft ripe dark fruits and sufficient structure to age for a few years. Photograph: Thinkstock

New Zealand’s cherry-scented Pinot Noirs are among the best in the world

The makers: Cameron Wallace (right) of Eight Degrees Brewing

Every Friday, John Wilson selects one great beer and one great wine which are perfect for drinking at the weekend. This week: Eigh(...)

Single Malt whisky (or whiskey) tends to be drier and more biscuity in flavour, whereas single pot still has a richer texture, described as creamy or oily, often with a light spiciness and apple or pear fruits. Photograph: Thinkstock

Irish Single Pot Still whiskies are carving a niche as a premium product

The Makers: Raul Perez, left, makes amazing idiosyncratic Spanish wines while Paddy McDonald produces the crowd-pleasing, light and refreshing 12 Acres Pale Ale

Every Friday, John Wilson selects one great beer and one great wine which are perfect for drinking at the weekend. This week: 12 A(...)

Worldwide sales of this New Zealand Sauvignon have quadrupled over the past decade, making it one of the wine world’s great succ(...)

In-flight: the standard advice is to go for full-bodied wines with low acid and plenty of ripe fruit. Champagne and other sparkling wines taste better, as the bubbles stimulate our senses (although they also increase the speed at which we ingest alcohol). Photograph: Thinkstock
High-flying wines

Airlines take pride in serving their country’s finest wines on board, especially in first and business class, but do they spare a (...)

Pinot Gris, more widely known by its Italian name Pinot Grigio, is one of the most popular grapes around

The Pinot grape is parent to more than 100 other varieties, but it’s the white variant known to us as Grigio, Gris or Blanc that i(...)

The smaller Chianti Classico region of Tuscany is the original area of production with a history going back centuries

If you want a great tasting wine that works really well with food, look no further

What could be more romantic on Valentine’s Day than a Brangelina rosé made on the Provençal estate owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

On Valentine’s Day, when it comes to wine, you may want to reach for something pink and sparkling

Kegs are cheaper to ship, and take up far less space than bottles. Once opened, they will last up to three months

Wine on tap could allow us to drink better wine, perhaps at a cheaper price. It’s already popular abroad, and making inroads into (...)

Gabriel Cooney of On The Grapevine, Dalkey, Co Dublin: “As a small specialist retailer down a side street, we have to innovate all the time”

After independent wine traders came under pressure during the recession new and innovative ways of promoting wine were needed – (...)

Wines from eastern Europe, the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean will continue to interest wine-lovers in 2015. Photograph: Getty Images

Discovering new wines from new regions can be a very satisfying experience, so where in the world will the best ones this year com(...)

As Carménère has low acidity, it matches well with the more structured Cabernet Sauvignon

Twenty years ago some wine makers discovered their grapes were Carménère not, as they thought, Merlot – and so began many experime(...)

 A grape leaf with galls formed during a phylloxera infection. Photograph: cathdrwg

How the discovery of a tiny parasite, less than one millimetre long, changed the worldwide wine industry forever

The Irish whiskey awards underline the expansion of the sector as new distilleries come on stream and brands develop products fo(...)

Wine: Get the party started

For a truely delicious Christmas meal, pop open a bottle of fizz and impress your guests with these wines that have been chosen to(...)

Claire Dalton of the Dungarvan Brewing Company, one of many Irish breweries bringing out special seasonal beers. Photograph: Eric Luke

Irish craft brewers are producing seasonal beers which are more full-bodied and flavoursome than regular ones and which should be(...)

Versatile or flexible, call them what you will, but they are probably the most useful style of wines to have on hand, especially during the festive season

Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and the much-maligned Merlot are handy to have around

Crowd-pleasing wines can be found in both supermarkets and independent retailers, but beware the cheapest offerings; a euro or two(...)

A fruity white is good with tomato sauces, while a robust red is great with mushrooms – embracing meatless Mondays opens up new wi(...)

New Zealand’s unique wine-growing landscape. Photograph: Thinkstock

It may be best-known for its Sauvignon Blanc, but Gimblett Gravels in Hawke’s Bay is now producing some stunning reds to rival Fr(...)

Whether it’s good old fish and chips or the newly ubiquitous pulled pork sandwich, there’s a wine for every dish

 The Jaboulet vineyard in Crozes-Hermitage. Photograph:  Frederick Wildman and Sons

Crozes-Hermitage is a more affordable introduction to the wines of the northern Rhône than its tiny, upmarket neighbour, Hermitage(...)

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