The teenage style gene

Teenage energy often fuels creativity, rebellion and innovation - especially when it comes to how they dress. But how do today's teen styles differ from that of their parents?

Sat, May 31, 2014, 00:01

OISIN KING, schoolboy, 17
I like to keep things simple and classic. I wear dark trousers and jeans which are semi skinny. For shoes I wear Traffic and Adidas black and white with stripes – the original – or grey suede Fred Perry plimsolls. I don’t like logos and usually wear a bright hoodie. I have short hair now but it used to be quite long. When it comes to shopping I like to look online and then go out and look in town, mostly to H & M, Topshop and a few times to TK Maxx and charity shops. I am not a fan of Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch, or their CEO. I am slightly informed by music, but my interest is only cursory. In his early 20s, my dad was a punk and wore a lot of leather jackets. My own favourite piece is a vintage grey trench coat that I bought a few years ago and wear a lot. I am the same size as he is, so sometimes he uses my jackets and I can fit into his T-shirts.

INGMAR KING, music producer/writer “on the wrong side of 40”
I suppose I was quite style conscious, and a punk, as a teenager. I was in a band and my girlfriend had a clothes shop and got stuff from London and we were all terribly up to the minute. Being in a band then was a form of rebellion whereas nowadays parents bring their kids to rock schools. When you hit your 30s being fashionable looks a bit desperate, so assuming you have some sort of aesthetic sense you settle on a style – it’s a matter of being stylish rather than fashionable. I am a typical middle-aged dad who doesn’t particularly like shopping. I don’t have to wear a suit to work, consequently I quite like wearing one occasionally and one of my best investments was an Armani suit – it works in any situation. The rest of the time it’s jeans and maybe a shirt or T-shirt and jumper. Kids don’t rebel these days through clothes the way we did.

My style is modern, feminine with a masculine twist and subtly sexy. My love of fashion has been influenced by my mother, but not my style. My influences come from my surroundings and I base a lot of my style on structure. I love Tilda Swinton’s style and [US fashion blogger] Leandra Medine’s. I buy a lot online and in Zara and Cos and though I used to love charity shops, I don’t feel they are for me anymore. I love palazzos and a fitted coat. My favourite accessory is a Chanel bag – a very generous gift from a boyfriend – it comes everywhere with me. We both love a good pair of skinny jeans – they are staples in our wardrobe.

CAROL BEJAOUI, self employed, 56
Lauren’s passion is fashion and mine is running my own business. All my life I have liked to dress well and being naturally slim when I was younger I wore pencil skirts, make-up and loved dressing up to go out. When I’m working I wear skinny jeans and a nice shirt and I will always have my make-up on. I always look after my skin and I like to be glamorous going out. My style probably comes from my mam who is 82 and still glamorous. Lauren is the youngest of my children and was always style-conscious, even as a child she knew what she wanted. She dresses mainly in black and wears very structured things. She shops online but when I was her age I wouldn’t have bought so much. I dress age appropriate.