Ryan Adams: ‘It was so dark. I don’t think I could have been in a worse position, but I think, if anything, I handled it pretty good.’ Photograph: Julia Brokaw

Things went very bad for Adams, once alt-country’s poster boy, when label problems, addiction and internet leaks of his albums ver(...)

Regrouping: Romeo Stodart, Angela Gannon, Michele Stodart and Sean Gannon

Life took over for The Magic Numbers, but the band are back after a hiatus, and embracing a darker, heavier sound, says Romeo Stod(...)

Think on: Simple Minds, with Jim Kerr, centre. “As a band, we feel the story can continue”

Simple Minds, alive and kicking after 37 years, are preparing to release their 16th album and appear at next month’s Electric Picn(...)

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