The internet has changed the landscape in which wine critics work

Grapes & Wines offers an in-depth view of the major varieties, including where and how each is grown, its history and very usefully, the best producers.

The former actor believes in telling the story behind the wine

In Romania, homemade wine accounts for 50 per cent of consumption. Virtually every household has a row or two of vines out the back, and makes their own wine.

A tour of vineyards revealed some interesting wines

The Spanish wine is becoming a fashionable cocktail addition

What started with a few ambitious growers is now the next big thing in wine trends

Last of the summer wine

Before the nights close in, try some light, fresh and fruity reds

Amid rumours of a shortage of the Italian wine, here are some worthy alternatives

Nowadays most distilleries pay big money for used oak barrels that have been used to store wines and bourbon whisky

Casks from abroad traditionally lend character to whiskey. Irish producers are developing this method

Alsace offers a range of great wines including a few light red wines and some very good rosés, but the region is best known for its fantastic dry white wines

Look out too for Trimbach, Hugel, Josmeyer, Zind-Humbrecht, Weinbach, René Muré, Sipp Mack, Meyer-Fonné and Kientzle

Arguably the greatest blended wine of all is Champagne. Photograph: Thinkstock

Virtually every wine is a blend of some sort

David Rogers of Northbound Brewery in Derry

Each week John Wilson selects a great wine and a great beer to try right now. This week: Northbound 08 Kölsch and Malbec Cabernet (...)

Grüner is Austria’s signature grape, covering almost 30% of all vineyards

A wine enthusiast can now pour a glass of a particular fine wine, reseal it and then return for a second glass months later

The Coravin wine preservation system will keep an opened bottle fresh indefinitely

The  Muscadet region has long ago reformed itself and now offers the intelligent buyer a selection of light wines

Those who tried it in the 1970s will shudder but it’s safe to come back

Master distiller Alex Chasko at the Teeling Whiskey Company’s new distillery and visitor centre in the Liberties in Dublin . Photograph: Dave Meehan

A visit to the new distillery in Dublin’s Liberties is a tasting treat

The Alentejo is a vast arid region, historically best-known for growing wheat and cork oak trees

Portuguese winemaker Luis Duarte is a sought-after winery consultant

Demand for wines lighter in body and alcohol steps up in summer

Beer goes well at a barbecue but there are wine options too

This refreshing tipple is the perfect drink to serve at summer weddings

 A vineyard at Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia – where the cooler climate produces some excellent Chardonnay

Australian and New Zealand producers show the varietal never really went away

The ingredients for making your own gin and tonic

With the right combinations of herbs, spices and alcohol, it’s possible to make a passable gin and tonic

Beaune: many of the  old buildings have been restored making it a very pleasant town to stroll around, with plenty of shops offering wine, food and much more

The use of the Burgundy name is now restricted solely to wines made in the region, which has become a destination of choice for ma(...)

Yet again the festival promises a feast of food and drink producers and experts from Ireland and around the world

While some vermouths are good on their own, or with a splash of bitters and/or citrus juice, they come into their own in cocktails.

Vermouth is a key ingredient in cocktails, and you can cook with it too

The name Bobal is derived from bovale, or bull, as the bunches of grapes are said to be shaped like a bull’s head

In the last five years, Bobal has been revived by a small group of producers

The self-professed workaholic talks wine, women and the web

The Italians love lighter red wines, often with a little acidity; perfect with food, the only time they drink wine

A vast choice of wines to drink rather than show-off

A trip along the Rhine and its tributaries is one of the great wine visits

Nothing rivals the precise, delicate complexity of great German Riesling

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