When children throw tantrums and struggle with getting up in the morning, it usually means their bedtime is far too late. Photograph: Thinkstock

Ensuring children have a relaxing bedtime routine and get a good night’s sleep is crucial for a happy family life. (Part one of a (...)

If you do have a minor disagreement with your partner in front of your daughter, show her how you can resolve this positively, and then repair any upset and stay connected. Photograph: Thinkstock

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Frequently, hair-pulling habits start out from a sensory event, for example, an itchy eyelash that your child gets into the habit of rubbing or pulling, even after the original itchiness is gone. Photograph: Thinkstock

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Organising family events, such as First Communions, can be very stressful after separation. Photograph: Thinkstock

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When tackling fears with children, such as a fear of dogs, the key is to go at their pace. Do not rush them.

Anxiety disorders are the most common child and teenage mental health problems. In the third of a three-part series, John Sharry a(...)

Anxiety about school is often a ‘social anxiety’, with worries about friendships or fitting in being at the heart of it: these anxieties are particularly heightened starting secondary school. Photograph: Thinkstock

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problems for children and teenagers. In the second of a three-part series, Joh(...)

Simple things such as having regular breaks or even playing some music during study can all help your son be more relaxed. Photograph: Thinkstock

Anxiety disorders are the most common child and teenage mental health problems. Yet, because children with anxiety problems are fr(...)

As one of my boys is 12 and prepubescent, I’m concerned about telling him about his dad before he has established his own sexual identity. Photograph: Thinkstock

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Children feel great relief once their worries are expressed and heard by others (and they are not thought ‘mad’ for having them). Photograph: Thinkstock

Rather than simply being a mental phenomenon, human emotions are always experienced in the body

You want to reduce gradually the support you give your daughter and help her relearn how to relax and fall asleep by herself. Photograph: Wavebreak Media/Getty Images

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Think how best you can open a constructive conversation with your daughter about her behaviour at home. Photograph: Thinkstock Images

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Is there anything we can do to help her calm down and accept her father? Photograph: Thinkstock Images

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Don’t communicate through your kids or use them as a go-between. If you need to discuss something with their other parent, do so directly. Photograph: Thinkstock

These five steps for parents can help minimise a separation’s effects on children

Tell them about your addiction and recovery: children in particular can find this helpful. Photograph: Getty Images

I am now sober but it seems my wife and children have got on with life without me

It is important that parents demonstrate support for each other’s parenting decisions, especially in front of the children. Photograph: thinkstock

John Sharry helps a mother share the discipline role

Breastfeeding can be a big challenge for mothers going back to work. Photograph: Thinkstock

John Sharry advises a gradual approach to feeding when going back to work

There are virtual places that are more dangerous than the street corner

As a parent you have to be assertive and clued in to get the supports your child might need. Photograph: Thinkstock

"While there can be an emphasis on seeking a diagnosis for a child, many children with specific special needs don’t fit into any n(...)

The condition can range from mild to severe but diagnosis and treatments have improved greatly, helping people to live as normal a(...)

Emergency services and relatives ouside the O’Driscoll family home where nine-year-old  twins Patrick and Tom died yesterday. Photograph:  Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Young children should be protected from the details and images of tragic stories

Your son may find it hard to talk about it because he is overwhelmed by the feelings it brings up. Photograph: Getty Images

We hoped he would recover but his anxiety remains

In helping him learn how to use the toilet a gradual step-by-step approach can work best. Photograph: Getty Images

Is his refusal to use the toilet attention-seeking behaviour?

It is likely that your daughter has experienced shame and upset about the problem and it will be a great relief to her when you sh(...)

Regarding social skills, it is only from two and a half years onwards that children fully benefit from a quality structured presch(...)

Not all children who harm themselves are suicidal but children who self-harm are at a higher risk of going on to be suicidal

Work hard to identify and cultivate activities and interests that your son is good at so he gets frequent experiences of success a(...)

You are also entitled to share your values with him about sex and relationships and to state a preference that he might wait until(...)

How can we tell our children about my wife’s mental health problems?

Like all siblings in a family, twins can at times feel competitive with one another and struggle to work out their unique identity(...)

How can I help my 9-year-old daughter to make and keep friends?

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