Playstation 2: launched in 2000

Sony believes PS4 will become a ‘truly amazing’ console five years from now

The Lego and Batman behemoths continue, with this familiar but fun puzzle/adventure

A retro 2D beat-em-up that delivers on wacky characters and simple, effective gameplay

Beautiful, sensitive and sometimes harrowing, Never Alone is a singular game and worthy tribute to Inuit culture

The latest Call of Duty retains the series winning formula - and adds more action, more super-soldier abilities . . . and Kevin (...)

For many, this mine-exploration game will captivate; for some, the constant digging will bring subterranean thumb-stick blues

Hoard | Game Review

Breath fire, rob from the people and add to a giant reptile’s hoard. Grand Theft Dragon, anyone?

Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal go all Hollywood for the new Muppets game on the PS Vita

Balancing chaos and pathos like nobody else, Kermit and co deliver a decent kids’ 2D platform game for the PS Vita

Sunset Overdrive: Technicolor cartoon apocalypse

The zombie mega-pocalypse never looked so good in this open world third-person shooter comedy for the Xbox One

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