Presences: a Mexican Day of the Dead procession. Photograph: John and Lisa Berrill/Image Bank/Getty

Ghostly voices and visions propel Juan Rolfo’s masterpiece about a quest to find a tyrannical father

 TH White  kept a record of the many trials and frustrations and ultimate failure at training his goshawk, Gos. White remained relatively stoical and always loved the wild, enigmatic bird. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

An Irishwoman’s Diary on the eccentric logic of the writer of ‘The Once and Future King’

Jérôme Ferrari: displays an unnerving grasp of the ways humans continually fail each other and themselves. Photograph: Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images

Review: Jérôme Ferrari’s Corsican saga stretches across generations and draws on both history and human experience

 Castle Leslie estate is a mecca for horse riding enthusiasts and has its own equestrian centre

The relaxed independence of Castle Leslie Estate, in Co Monaghan, is a paradise for horse lovers, who can even bring their mount o(...)

Offbeat appeal: Gaito Gazdanov

Russian writer’s whacky but charming novel has shades of Dostoyevsky

Martin Amis: “Shaping art from horror and reality.” Photograph: David Levenson/Getty Images

Review: A brave, humane novel, set in a concentration camp, takes a hard look the attrocities of the second World War

  Tim Parks: the same distance that has kept him out of the London literary set has kept his writing fresh

Tim Parks never wanted to become ‘Mr Italy’ but as an Englishman living in Verona he’s found himself explaining the country to th(...)

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