‘At one of his first EU meetings Albert Reynolds  came to the conclusion that Mitterrand was talking nonsense and simply butted in saying: “Hang on a minute there François. I don’t agree with that at all”.’ Above,  Reynolds and  Mitterrand, along with  as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, French prime minister Edouard Balladur, German foreign minister Klaus Kinkel, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and finance minster Theo Waigel at the two-day summit of the European Council December 1994. Photograph: Juergen Schwarz/  Reuter

Opinion: Apparently at EU summits he used to stroll in and greet German Chancellor Helmut Kohl with “Howya Helmet”

Albert Reynolds: “He had the vision to see the opportunity and the courage to act on it. We should be very grateful to him for that,” said Tony Blair

Politicians unite in recognising central role of Albert Reynolds in peace process

‘The Downing Street declaration was the foundation stone on which the peace process was built.’ Above, British prime minister,  John Major, with  taoiseach  Albert Reynolds,  following the  agreement of the Downing Street Declaration in December 1993.  Photograph: Peter Thursfield / THE IRISH TIMES

Opinion: The qualities of stubborn single-mindedness that brought about the IRA ceasefire also led to both his Coalition gov(...)

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald said   publication of the legislation was an important milestone towards the transposition of the EU Framework Decision on combating terrorism.

Jail terms of up to 10 years for encouraging, recruiting or training others to engage in terrorism

 Ben Page: “When we polled people earlier this year, only 24 per cent believed that we should replace elected politicians with professional managers.”

“The idea that there was a golden age when people trusted politicians is a myth,” says Ben Page, an opinion-poll expert in the UK (...)

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton following the EU council meeting yesterday. Photograph:  Laurent Dubrule/Reuters

Individual states get go-ahead to send arms as Flanagan insists Ireland’s neutral stance be respected

‘John Bruton’s core point is that if commemorations are about drawing relevant lessons for today’s generation from the work of past generations then the remarkable exercise of parliamentary leverage that achieved Home Rule may have greater relevance to today’s generation of democrats than does the blood sacrifice of Pearse and Connolly.’ Photograph:  David Sleator/The Irish Times

Opinion: His government ran a prudent economic policy that provided the basis for sustainable prosperity

   Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan announced that the Government would provide emergency funding of €500,000 to help the Yazidi and Christian communities being targeted by Islamic extremists in Iraq.

Emergency talks on humanitarian aid welcomed by Minister for Foreign Affairs

Redmond features in two stamps issued recently by An Post

Eamonn Moloney says An Post wrong to commemorate Irish leader

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