The extra funding announced for the arts in the Budget is in fact earmarked for the Easter Rising commemorations

None of the Budget’s so-called feelgood factor reached the arts, which received no boost in funding

Silent Night: the quick scene changes of the prologue, which were handled by the rotation of a turntable in Cincinnati, will be solved at Wexford with lighting

The Wexford-bound Silent Night explores the horror of war through the prism of the unofficial Christmas Eve truce of 1914. Its com(...)

‘What does Heather Humphreys really think about the boards of cultural institutions and the arts in general? I have no idea.’ Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

In her first few months in the job, it’s hard to know what Heather Humphreys thinks about the boards of cultural institutions and (...)

Maria Callas ‘led a life that fostered sensationalist coverage’. Photograph: Ben Martin/The Life Images Collection/Getty Images

‘La Divina’, one of the greatest singers of her time, returns in a new version of her studio recordings

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