When it comes to fraud, “The actual computer part of the ATM is surprisingly open.”

It isn’t so much what’s being done, as how it’s being done

But data retention is likely to return - in a carefully revised form

The ECJ ruled the EU data retention directive “entails an interference with the fundamental rights of practically the entire European population”.

Analysis: Irish court challenge central to ECJ decision on EU data retention directive

The ECJ has firmly declared that the wholesale hoovering up and long-term storage of all citizens’ call data, goes against all notions of proportionality and lacks adequate protections- and must end

Decision to invalidate the Directive could not come at a more relevant moment here

The study shows that eight out of the top 10 breaches last year led to the loss of over 10 million identities per incident.

New study shows a 62 per cent increase in data breaches last year

The ECJ’s advocate general Pedro Cruz Villalón said in December that the controversial 2006 directive was unlawful and incompatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

ECJ ruling gives Irish advocacy group right to proceed with case against State

There seems to have been so little knowledge of existing surveillance laws that numerous Garda stations recorded conversations of all types, at will

Garda taping scandal defies quaint old logic

Today’s more sophisticated hackers take a very targeted approach to their job

A more sophisticated form of hacking uses an extra sheath of code to get at your digital information

By moving its services here, data on Yahoo servers become subject to Ireland’s data protection laws, which are based on Europe’s Data Protection Directive.

Company has been at the centre of two major Snowden surveillance stories

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