German minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen and German minister for foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier at a press conference in Berlin yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Maurizio Gambarini

Foreign minister says it is ‘not enough to show disgust’ at murder of journalist

Cars for export stand in a parking area at a shipping terminal in the harbour of the German northern town of Bremerhaven. German Institute for Economic Research  said a co-ordinated European response  was urgently needed, given flat euro zone growth in the second quarter and a 0.2 per cent contraction in Germany.

Leading economic institute calls for response through investment bonds

State prosecutors confirmed yesterday they had concluded their investigation into the bank’s ex-CEO Georg Funke. Photograph: Getty

Investigation concludes six years after near-collapse of bank’s Dublin subsidiary Depfa

 The containership ‘Corte Real’ unloads and loads at the container port in Hamburg.

Statistics involve first use of new methodology to allow greater comparison

People walking past a retail store that is having a sale in Rome. Italy slid into recession for the third time since 2008 in the second quarter. Photograph: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters

Poor figures on growth from leading euro economies Germany and France

Derek Scally in his neighbourhood in the Wilmersdorf area in western Berlin.

Some Berliners worry the city’s free spirit – and affordable rents – are being eroded by property speculation

A German newspaper this week it informed its readersof its concerns over property prices in the capital

A displaced woman from the minority Yazidi sect looks out from an abandoned house where she is taking refuge in the Turkish town of Silopi, near the Turkish-Iraqi border crossing of Habur, yesterday. Photograph: Kadir Baris/Reuters

Paris breaks ranks with plan to send arms to help defend Yazidis

 German minister for foreign affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier: ‘Together with our European partners we are ready to make a contribution, such as an EU mission to oversee border crossings.’ Photograph: EPA/Julien Warnand

During peace talks, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier offered to restore an EU presence at the Rafah checkpoint

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