‘Until three years ago, the phrase ‘Black Friday’ had minimal recognition in this country . . . except that it was the fourth best song on Steely Dan’s second best album.’ Photograph: Rob Stothard/Getty Images

We no longer need to covet the American way of life as our ‘stuff’ is the same as theirs

Todd Haynes’s new film surges with suppressed emotion as he tells the tale of two women in love in the 1950s,

The actor again represents the Good America in Spielberg’s irresistible movie

Pixar raised a generation of children before recently slipping into a slump. Don’t be predicting it’s demise any time soon though,(...)

Johnny Depp as James ’Whitey’ Bulger in Black Mass, “a very convincing Southie psychopath”

Johnny Depp is convincing, and the tale is told with energy, but there’s little new in this based-on-fact story of Boston crime(...)

There seems no happy balance in writing about sex. The prose is either too clinical (medical terms for body parts) or too archly poetic. Photograph: Getty Images

‘The promiscuous shell-collecting in Jane Austen gets my juices flowing’ . . . and so on

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) with Stormtroopers. Photograph: David James/ Lucasfilm 2015

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is out on December 17th. Here’s your Star Wars guide

Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett in a scene from Carol, directed by Todd Haynes: a hit at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Haynes says: “Now we have to put it before people. When you premiere somewhere like Cannes it’s huge. It’s nerve-wracking.”

Todd Haynes nearly ended up in the halls of academia, but instead turned to film, and in the process brought a new aesthetic to th(...)

Karl Glusman and Aomi Muyock in Gaspar Noé’s “Love”

While it has some original ideas, the 3D scenes may eventually be too much for you

Virtual remake of ‘Boy Next Door’ has its ruthless moments but is ultimately predictable

The last thing we would want to do is stereotype people by age or inclination, but, when it comes to buying Christmas presents, wh(...)

Revolutionary zeal Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Despite Jennifer Lawrence and some effective mayhem, this last, long episode of the fantasy quadrilogy huffs and puffs to its co(...)

People who are not from Galway sometimes argue that its folk spend too much time parading in huge papier mâché heads. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Even fervent Southern nationalists harbour guilty suspicions of Northern otherness

Party animal; campaigner for law reform; controversial film-maker; and now Steve Jobs’ conscience: Seth Rogen explains his many c(...)

Sunset boulevard: Kiki Kitana Rodriguez and Mya Taylor in Tangerine

Tangerine’ glows with aesthetic and technological flair, but it is the humanity on display that makes Sean Baker’s film special

Prep work: Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs

With a brilliant script from Aaron Sorkin, elegant design and ruthless discipline mark out Danny Boyle’s unexpectedly impressive f(...)

Maggie Smith as Mary Shepherd in The Lady in the Van, “the woman Jean Brodie might have become had the wheels come off”.

The cyclonic Smith has an indecently appropriate role in this starry film adaptation by Bennett of his own hit West-End play

Nick Yarris – sentenced to death for rape and murder in 1982 – tells his own story in this fascinating, if flawed, new documentar(...)

All you need are two bats, one ball and a net, to unleash all that pent-up cabin fever that winter brings to family dynamics

It’s getting colder, darker, wintrier. Whether you favour active or stationary pursuits, these suggestions will get you through th(...)

Gas mark two: Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper  in Burnt, out now on general release

Playing a bit like the world’s most lavish episode of Masterchef, Bradley Cooper latest is all pretty food and bourgeois nonsense

Workmen put the finishing touches to the Weeping Window Poppy installation at St George’s Hall, in Liverpool, yesterday. Photograph: Andrew Yates/Reuters

Wear it or not, as you please, and ignore the multitude of whingers in both camps

Hooked Up: Chemsex, "primarily notable for the power of the individual stories".

"It's a perfect storm that has shifted things for a significant portion of people" - Director Max Gogarty's new film explores the (...)

Agyness Deyn in Terrence Davies’s Sunset Song, showing at this year's Cork Film Festival

The festival started in 1956, when priests still flung themselves angrily before any screen that dared to project uncovered ankles(...)

Looking for the next big thing: Nicholas Hoult as boorish A&R man Stelfox in Kill Your Friends

Nicholas Hoult tries his best but can do little with a screenplay full of derivative misogy, misanthropy and bad writing

 Stiff upper lips:  Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard   in Brief Encounter

A welcome big-screen return for one of the greatest romances ever made, though you may be left wondering just why the film was ban(...)

Well-maintained carapace: Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn

A good Irish Catholic girl immigrates to New York but can’t quite leave the old country behind in this delicately understated peri(...)

Which is which? A bar window in Wellington displays the Australian (left), the All Blacks rugby team flag (centre) and the New Zealand flag (right) ahead of the Rugby World Cup final on Saturday. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images.

New Zealanders are about to vote in a most unusual pair of referendums

Colm Toibin: ‘I was editor of Magill at 27. I wrote my first novel as a way of keeping the daily business of Garret Fitzgerald and Charlie Haughey and all those stories at bay.’ Photograph: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for BFI

As the film of ‘Brooklyn’ gets good reviews, Tóibín’s status at home and abroad rises yet another notch

The actor who played the geeky kid in ‘About a Boy’ is now a bone fide star

This documentary on the 1960s black power movement is no more than efficient, but does demonstate that not all gun nuts are ‘right(...)

Taxi tales: Jafar Panahi, “a cheery teddy bear of a driver”

Jafar Panahi comes up with another inventive way to truth-tell in modern-day Iran

Daniel Craig (James Bond). SPECTRE is released in the UK and Ireland on 26 October. The film will be released in the US on 6 November.

Tension between innovation and tradition ultimately pulls latest 007 episode to pieces

Maureen O’Hara photographed in her front yard in Los Angeles. Photograph: Harold Filan/AP Photo

With red hair and green eyes O’Hara was made for showing off the rise of Technicolor

Jeff Bezos: The chief executive of Amazon  and his people are going after “fake reviewers” on his website. Photographer: Mike Kane/Bloomberg

Amazon is taking legal action against about 1,100 people paid to write positive reviews

This sporadically effective card-sharp drama is no ‘Cincinnati Kid’ but does have two aces up its sleeve courtesy of stars Ben Men(...)

Bees and hornets learn to live together in a harmless kids’ cartoon – based, fascinatingly, on a rabidly nationalistic German kind(...)

Ben Mendelsohn had worked the acting angles for years, before ‘Animal Kingdom’ helped him hit the jackpot

Danial Craig’s Bond still kills for Britain but the attitude to women has moved on from caveman sociopathy. Photograph: Greg Williams/Eon Productions via Getty Images

Twin relics of an age of bogus sophistication have finally started to move with the times

Malign charisma: Idris Elba as the Commandant in ’Beasts of No Nation’. Photograph: Netflix

Idris Elba wafts malign charisma, but for all the murky brilliance on display, Cary Fukunaga’s story of African child soldiers u(...)

Buoyed by the smash success of ‘Skyfall’, the makers of ‘Spectre’ are promising the biggest 007 thrill ride yet. Donald Clarke joi(...)

Simon Walker, now a successful architect in his own right, as he delves into the story of his distinguished father Robin Walker

Come back, Steven Spielberg’s Hook! All is forgiven

Deadpan comedy on the pressure society places on people to pair off

Michelle Doherty plays Katelin, a film producer who becomes a hit-woman. She is, if you will, the Hit Producer...

Michelle Doherty brings some charisma, but can do little about the uncertainty of tone and unsayable script

Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It’s 10 years since the first ‘Twilight’ book was published and vampires are having a moment

DirectorJoe Wright: “People are calling me a veteran now. Which is just weird.”

Joe Wright, director of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Atonement’, and ‘Hanna’, returns with his ‘sideways take’ on JM Barrie’s classic t(...)

India’s traditional silk weavers face change in this stunning Irish documentary

America’s endless War on Drugs is given a provocatively cynical spin in this intelligent, riveting thriller starring Emily Blunt (...)

Daughters of the revolution: Carey Mulligan and Anne-Marie Duff in Suffragette

in Sarah Gavron worthwhile drama, the hard, brave campaign for women’s rights is given the soft-centred treatment

Suffragette stars Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep, Romola Garai and Anne-Marie Duff, who donned the sloganed T-shirts for a recent Time Out London feature. Photograph: Time Out, via Twitter

Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan pose in T-shirts to promote new movie. In the US, many interpret the T-shirts as sympathetic to th(...)

Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst, who was adamantly opposed to marriage and created a minor stir by refusing to marry her daughter’s father. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Far from being obsolete, weddings are louder, gaudier and more expensive than ever

As a descendant of the movement’s first family, Helen Pankhurst had an extra reason to encourage – and play a small role in – Sa(...)

A malevolent housing repo man takes on a partner in this odd but effective – and very timely – morality tale

Propelled by impressive central performances from Fassbender and Cotillard, this is one of the strongest film versions of the Sc(...)

Iain Sinclair (in a goat mask) and Toby Jones in Andrew Kötting’s By Our Selves

Iain Sinclair, Alan Moore, Toby Jones and a Straw Bear retrace a walk poet John Clare once took. What more could you want?

Matt Damon in The Martian, Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Andy Weir’s high-end pulp bestseller. Photograph: 20th Century Fox

Matt Damon grows spuds on Mars in Ridley Scott’s best film in a decade. That must have been some decade...

#Piggate will follow British prime minister David Cameron for the rest of his career. Photograph: Francois Lenoir/Reuters

Who cares if dubious reports of youthful debauchery don’t constitute serious news?

Anton Corbijn’s latest is gorgeous, cool and infuriatingly insubstantial

This most gounded of movie stars plays an egomaniacal American star tormenting his Italian director in Nanni Moretti’s latest. Jus(...)

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette are the best friends living the yummy  real estate life in London.

It’s an odd mixture of genres, but Catherine Hardwicke’s story of friendship and illness has some good moments

Taking her time: 105-year-old Dorothea Findlater from Blackrock, Co Dublin

Ireland’s oldest residents fill the screen with warmth and wisdom in Alex Fegan’s thoughtful new documentary

Director Lenny Abrahamson, actresses Joan Allen and Brie Larson, author/screenwriter Emma Donoghue and actor Jacob Tremblay  attend the Room press conference at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. Photograph: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Lenny Abrahamson’s adaptation wins prize that usually predicts Oscars success

Trading places: British prime minister David Cameron (left), and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (right) during a service to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA

National anthems present a considerable challenge to even the most committed patriot

People who were alive in 1916 opened up to film-maker Alex Fegan, but their own life stories were the most fascinating

Paul Mercier’s Irish gangster thriller is so well made that it doesn’t need to dish on the pointlessly slavish mythology

Robert Redford’s latest project will stretch the credibility of viewers

A true disaster on the world’s most dangerous mountain is given a spectacular if slightly rote treatment

Bromantic encounter: James Marsden and Jack Black in The D Train. Photograph: AP

Solid performances and a few risky twists and turns raise this comedy over the bar

Kim Davis, with Republic presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and  attorney Mathew Staver, in Grayson, Kentucky, this week.  Photograph: Chris Tilley/Reuters

Kim Davis generated headlines by refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples

The film’s attempts to blend believable adolescent anxieties with high macabre – carried off so brilliantly in The Sixth Sense – generate the odd inharmonious chord here

Sixth Sense’ director returns to form with American Gothic horror that packs trademark twist

Woody Allen is back and asking a game Emma Stone to fall for an older man

Actress Emily Browning on her role in new film ‘Legend’, about the Kray Twins

Soaked in sepulchral shades by Stefano Falivene, this film allows Dafoe to simmer intelligently in smart cars

Amy-Joyce Hastings in The Callback Queen. Photograph:  Anthony Bowes

Many of the gags in this ”romantic comedy” would likely be offensive if they weren’t so plain weird

Owen Wilson: “Playing exactly yourself? You never quite do that. But you try to get it to make sense.” Photograph: Gareth Cattermole/Getty/DIFF

The ‘No Escape’ star can come across as a stereotypical Texan. But with a career that spans both indie favourites and Hollywood bl(...)

 Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell): “He is said to have wept because there were no more worlds left to conquer. The rest of us would have sighed with relief and had a nice cup of tea.”

‘I’m betting people like me are immune to this class of wealth-generated depression’

Wilson! Bell! Brosnan! Some unlikely action heroes handle the politically incorrect absurdities of this suspenseful thriller rathe(...)

A hard sell in every way, including the vodka in every second scene

This seductive, wholly original drama may overplay its characters’ quirks, but its emotional honesty is as refreshing as it is unc(...)

The film intersperses moment of great humour and power with indulgent follies that will strain the patience of all but the most re(...)

While unkind caricatures of “cat ladies” focus on loneliness and social awkwardness, the man who lives alone with a cat is more often portrayed as an out-and-out psychopath

One individual actually titled her blog: ‘I Don’t Like Men Who Own Cats’

Ed Skrein, who takes over from hardman Jason Statham in the Transporter franchise, explains his unusual career path

A film is dealing in faint praise when its location manager is singled for commendation

Comparisons with the late lamented ‘Deadwood’ are unavoidable in Dathaí Keane’s new feature

We Are Your Friends resembles nothing so much as one of Hollywood’s efforts to address surf culture 40 years ago

Ice Cube has produced a celebratory account of his influential 1980s rap group NWA. The result is pulsating if somewhat airbrushed(...)

‘Over the last 15 years, I have gained a black belt in the art of Pretending I’ve Seen The West Wing.’ Martin Sheen as President Bartlett. Photograph: Warner Bros/Getty Images

Aaron Sorkin’s series is implausible, corny and irony-free . . . and yet I’m still watching

This documentary shows how the seven Angulo siblings, contained for years in a New York apartment, developed their own strange mic(...)

Max Joseph’s ‘We Are Your Friends’ stars Zac Efron as a young DJ perfecting his art in the contemporary San Fernando Valley

The director of ‘We Are Your Friends’ tells how a small story about dance music became a big film

The family are terrific in this ‘remake, sequel and reboot’ of a classic comedy

Irish director Ciarán Foy does his best with the atmospherics, but can do little with Sinister 2’s cluttered, tonally deranged mes(...)

A very effective teen entertainment that feels more honest and less contrived than Fault in Our Stars

“Earlier this month Donald Trump, comedy caricature made inexplicably popular flesh, single-handedly rendered the major general redundant.” Photograph: Reuters

Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock no longer to play colleges as students just too sensitive

When not saving the universe, the British actor likes a quiet pint down his local pub

Greta Gerwig as Brooke and Lola Kirke as Tracy in Mistress America

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach reteam for another New York-set dramedy, a compact marvel that will repay repeated viewings

The proto-femi-satirist teams up with monogamy-mad Judd Apatow for an amusing if overlong and weirdly reactionary romcom

‘Peter Mandelson would never have let that happen’

On the wire: A boy tests the defences in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco. Photograph: Santi Palacios.

'There was Calais. Then there was also what’s happening to democracy in Greece. There were a few days when I thought the film migh(...)

The most brutally violent family film put before audiences since The Ten Commandments

Marielle Heller’s 1970s drama, based on a popular graphic novel, is a gutsy film that engages with its period and tells a few trut(...)

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