Photograph: Benjamin Jessop/Getty

All good things must come to an end. And mediocre things as well. So it’s time I hung up the pen

Big singing: Pat Kenny, now on UTV Ireland

UTV Ireland has given us a new channel, but has anything really changed?

You’re not allowed end a message without one, and sometimes its better to just go with the flow

Cast member Seth Rogen and wife actress Lauren Miller pose during the premiere of  The Interview,  the film that allegedly sparked the Sony hacking. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian

‘As it is we live in an age where privacy is a malleable concept, in which exerting control over your Facebook settings is still l(...)

'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' was great comedy - and journalism

We all like a well-written, interesting list along a solid theme, yes? Well, this is none of those things

We now hear concocted terms, like ‘superstorm’, that have no real definition but sound exciting. Photograph: NASA Goddard Modis Rapid Response/AP

The way the mainstream media hypes up panicky weather claims says a lot about how they treat science stories in general

Ray D’Arcy: can he meet the challenge of sounding fresh within the comfortable walls of the RTÉ establishment?

Afternoon radio sometimes feels like a sleepy backwater, but D’Arcy’s big move might well shake up that perception

Remembrance: candles in the doorway on Molesworth Street in Dublin where John Corrie was found. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The death of the homeless man in the shadow of Leinster House was big news. Behind the headlines it was really two parallel stor(...)

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