Brazil’s Fred in happier times in Munich in 2006

An Irishman’s Diary about the perils of language

Joseph Mitchell in his office at the New Yorker in 1994. Photograph: AP

An Irishman’s Diary about a famous case of writer’s block

And the way she might look at you: close encounters in a Hillman Avenger

An Irishman’s Diary about country & western and greyhounds

The Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien
An unholy hour

An Irishman’s Diary about war, theatre, and Dublin Castle’s Chapel Royal

It’s good to squawk: like hecklers from the cheap seats in an Elizabethan theatre. Photograph: Alan Betson

An Irishman’s Diary about Shakespeare (and movies) in the park

A traffic jam in Clones on match day

An Irishman’s Diary on the dark secret of a Clones street

An Irishman’s Diary about Proust and Monaghan football

“When the bus pulled up at departures, I out-sprinted another panicked looking passenger (she was (a) female and (b) from Holland, so however late she thought she was, it wasn’t as late as me) to the door, before descending the steps at the speed of Arjen Robben falling in a penalty area.”  Photograph: Kate Geraghty

An Irishman’s Diary on two different approaches to air travel

“As for the street’s depiction on local maps as a separate entity, protruding from the avenue at an angle, the best guess is that it was the work of a hurried clerk somewhere, who was faced with the undeniable reality of a place called Allée Samuel Beckett, but nowhere to match it.”

An Irishman’s Diary about Samuel Beckett’s Paris

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