A motley crew fights its way from north Africa to Nazi Germany. but the real star is the tank

Australian writer-director Jennifer Kent has created a truly sinister slice of cinema with her debut movie ‘The Babadook’. ‘For me(...)

The Overnighters is a beautifully crafted piece of storytelling - and as an important snapshot of the new Great Depression.

This dramatisation of two major sea battles of the first World War uncannily prefigures the future of both cinema and conflict

The latest member of the Coppola clan to get behind a camera delivers a debut that feels very much in the family tradition.

Manon, starring Marianela Nuñez and Federico Bonelli

Ahead of tonight's live relay of Kenneth MacMillan’s ‘Manon’ in selected cinema’s around the country, the Royal Ballet’s Director(...)

Family fun with the Jamaican bob-sledding team in Cool Runnings

The classics section is surprisingly small, and the same schlock keeps coming up again and again, but there are plenty of movie ge(...)

Buff actors? Formulaic and incomprehensible plot? Must be the the latest dystopian YA sci-fi movie

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