'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' was great comedy - and journalism

We all like a well-written, interesting list along a solid theme, yes? Well, this is none of those things

We now hear concocted terms, like ‘superstorm’, that have no real definition but sound exciting. Photograph: NASA Goddard Modis Rapid Response/AP

The way the mainstream media hypes up panicky weather claims says a lot about how they treat science stories in general

Ray D’Arcy: can he meet the challenge of sounding fresh within the comfortable walls of the RTÉ establishment?

Afternoon radio sometimes feels like a sleepy backwater, but D’Arcy’s big move might well shake up that perception

Remembrance: candles in the doorway on Molesworth Street in Dublin where John Corrie was found. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The death of the homeless man in the shadow of Leinster House was big news. Behind the headlines it was really two parallel stor(...)

Wingman: Gerry Adams’s apology was backed up by Martin McGuinness. Photograph: Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty

John Delaney, Gerry Adams and ‘Morning Ireland’ all said sorry this week – in different ways, and with various degrees of convicti(...)

There but never in the way: Ryan Tubridy with some of the children appearing on the RTÉ Christmas special

It should be a consumerist nightmare, but instead ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ has earned its place as a national treasure

iTuning out: from U2’s Apple tie-in ad for The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)

The U2 singer’s iTunes apology had parallels with Richard Flanagan’s speech, but each came from a very different place

Waiter, waiter: how much service is truly shocking? Photograph: Betsie Van der Meer/Stone Sub/Getty

Whether it’s the Bridgestone or Georgina Campbell, restaurant guides are best served with smart lines

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