The paranoid office: Patrick O’Donnell, Simon Toal and Stephen Kelly in Tracer
Review: Tracer

The competing elements of this corporate conspiracy thriller and satire may lose you as it goes all the way to the top

Steven Berkoff: ‘In the past when faced with a negative review, which has gone beyond negative to spiteful, I’ve defended my plays, sometimes aggressively.’ Photograph: Nobby Clark

That’s what his new play, The Actor’s Lament, comprises. Surely he can’t be as difficult as his reputation suggests?

Method in the madness: Lars Eidinger as Hamlet. Photograph: Arno Declair

A thrillingly raw production of ‘Hamlet’ from Berlin’s Schaubühne theatre gives Shakespeare’s famously unstable character a licenc(...)

Kathy Kiera Clarke and Lisa Dwyer Hogg e

Written fitfully during the first World War and finally presented to an utterly changed world, Shaw’s experimental play remains ta(...)

Noelle Brown and Billie Traynor

Set 20 years after Earnest, Billie Traynor’s imagined meeting of Wilde’s sisterly characters finds a world in flux and lives in st(...)

Olwen Fouéré in Riverrun. Photograph: Jeremy Abrahams

In the largest international festival on earth, artists from Ireland have proven themselves disproportionately successful

Ediburgh Festival Fringe: last year, Ballad of the Burning Star, written and performed by an Israeli artist, explicitly engaged with the politics of Israel and Palestine

In times of conflict, culture also becomes a battleground

Dive in: Audiences at Punchdrunk’s ‘The Drowned Man’ fought for the privilege of taking part

Attacked by zombies, snogged by actors – audiences are no longer expected to just sit and watch the play

Christian Mazzuchini as Vladimir and Noël Vergès as Estragon in Theatre NoNo’s Waiting for Godot

Conversations turn Beckettian when this festival of all things tragicomic doesn’t turn out as planned. Could it be any other way? (...)

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