Krystian Lupa: when people speak of him the words they most frequently reach for are “the Master”, occasionally “the Grand Master” and sometimes, more simply, “the Father”

Polish director is not so much respected as revered

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra: Gúna Nua’s historical musical The Unlucky Cabin Boy, a collaboration with Mike Finn and the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, epitomised the interdisciplinary strengths of the programme

It was a year that energised the city, its artists and, most significantly, the public

Sinéad O’Riordan and Andrew Lynch

Stephen Adly Guirgis’s jittery comedy is alert to the struggles and supports of melting-pot New York. Its first Irish staging from(...)

Rachel O’Byrne as Mary Queen of Scots. Photograph: Keith Dixon

The national academy produced its first trained actors this year; can it become one of the best drama academies in the world?

Pat Kinevane: ‘I’ve always felt that I’d gush with ideas, but I need to be bridled as well.’ Photograph: Patrick Redmond

The Cork actor and playwright’s searing solo performances have a style of their own and have taken him to 18 countries – so why do(...)

Carolan’s debut play is admirably well-served by Decadent Theatre

Decadent Theatre’s canny revival of Stuart Carolan’s play carries echoes of his TV show Love/Hate

Ten stories high and innumerable stories wide, a co-prodution between Anu and Performance Corporation allows us to view the expans(...)

Podcasters: Sarah Koenig, left, with This American Life producer Ira Glass and Serial executive producer Julie Snyder. Photograph: Meredith Heuer/This American Life

‘Serial’, the world’s most popular podcast, uses the oldest trick in the book to hook listeners. But what happens when a real-life(...)

Linda Teehan and Michael Bates

Ghassan Kanafani’s Palestinian novella of dispossession and uneasy return anticipates generations of conflict. A timely new adapta(...)

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