Uncanny: Sinéad Cusack, Charlie Murphy and Ciarán Hinds in Our Few and Evil Days

The audience and the city had important roles to play in this year’s festival, closing the gap between reality and fiction

Pieter De Buysser knows that simplicity is harder than ever to achieve
DTF Review: Book Burning

An exercise in unadorned storytelling and sparing stagecraft resists the information overload of the modern world

An elaborate, almost responsive experience whose interconnectedness becomes gradually and gleefully apparent

How many connections can we make during a sly multimedia performance inspired by the six degrees of separation theory?

For both the audience and Anton, it becomes an absorbing journey

A forgotten Scottish director’s incredible adaptation of an epic fiction is the basis for a riveting study in obsession

Our Few and Evil Days: “You listen to the painstaking dialogue, though, like a surveillance team hoping to catch someone in confession”

Nevermind Mark O’Rowe’s return to dialogue, does his family tragedy for the Abbey signal a new commitment to realism? Or is anyth(...)

An artfully layered production from Australia’s Back to Back Theatre exposes the mechanics of power play and the right to represen(...)

Can a maniacally upbeat community centre worker change the world – with your help?

Gina Moxley and Richard Walsh

Pan Pan Theatre makes Chekhov’s play the centrepiece of its crammed and elusive aviary. Are they able to wing it?

Jack Charles v The Crown

Dublin Theatre Festival’s Australian season is diverse in style and outlook, and represents theatre that has come a long way

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