Standout: Joe Brolly is a spiky guest on Ray D’Arcy’s show, forthright in his opinions about the GAA while starkly honest about donating a kidney to a friend. Photograph: James Crombie/Inpho

Ray D’Arcy’s show lacks fizz but motor enthusiast Anton Savage is heading in the right direction

Pat Kenny: can lack spark. Photograph: Frank Miller

The Newstalk presenter’s waning pulling power is leading to an odd mixture of blandness and dramatic asides

Ryan Tubridy: tackles more serious matters without lapsing into portentousness. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin

Review: On 2FM, being laid back yields an attractive mix of froth and reflection. On Newstalk, the host’s anger rebounds on him

Ray D’Arcy: any qualms that he might steer clear of contentious issues are dispelled on his second day

Review: Radio 1’s new presenter voices his opinions to bracing effect. The rebooted ‘Media Show’ could learn from such candour

Ray D’Arcy pictured as he started his new afternoon show on RTÉ Radio 1 at the RTÉ Radio Centre in Donnybrook, Dublin this afternoon. Photograph: Brian McEvoy

Topics range from the frivolous to profound on new incarnation of radio programme

Slipping into his new role: Anton Savage. Photograph: Robbie Reynolds

Review: Anton Savage, on Today FM, and Rick O’Shea, on RTÉ 2FM, get off to slow, uncertain starts in their new slots

‘I’m a proper northsider,’ Leo Varadkar told listeners on ‘Sunday With Miriam’. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Review: The airwaves were full of an issue that refuses to shed its significance

George Hook: scattergun opinions on a variety of hot topics

Review: Newstalk host’s need for controversy clouds his performance. Joe Duffy stays calm to better effect

Lively exchange on the Last Word about Liz Delaney’s pub in Coolock which was embroiled in controversy after advertising a Welfare Wednesday drinks promotion night. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Review: ‘Last Word’ host sees wider angles in story about cheap pints for unemployed

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