Paul Simon in concert at the O2 in Dublin in 2012. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Singer joins the stellar line-up at One City, One Book concert

As the music series returns to our screens this weekend, here are a few highlights from Hozier and The Gloaming


Learn from your family, don’t be precious, live in a world of your own, and doughnuts are good for keeping contacts sweet: just so(...)

Booming and colourful downtown LA. Photographs: Getty Images and Laurence Mackin

Los Angeles, formerly lacking soul, has reinvented itself as a city with a heart

A fine showcase show from a band that’s still finding its feet

'Those Happy Years', a turbulent tale from 1970s Italy directed by Daniele Luchetti, shows at Cineworld on Wednesday at 6pm

Fancy full immersion in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival? We have your lunch ticket

Get the cake in the IFI. Grab a snooze between screenings. And don’t try to pronounce fancy foreign film directors’ names

An Interior Ministry member detains a gay rights activist attempting to hold a protest rally in Red Square near the Kremlin in central Moscow on Friday, shortly before Vladimir Putin opened the Sochi Winter Olympics. Photograph: Yevgeny Feldman/Russia

Occupy Your Mind is inspired by Sochi’s only gay club

The Screen’s   distinctive neon sign, which was a  familiar part of the city’s landscape before its removal.  Photograph: Frank Miller

Dublin City Council to investigate why landmark neon sign removed without notice

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