‘Christmas: love it or loathe it, we pretty much know that if we have the wherewithal, it’s incumbent on us to step up to the mark and get on with it at the first tinkle of Jingle Bells.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

The sight of big, naked, depilated turkeys sitting up on the countertop like ghostly jurors makes me feel kind of crushed, but, sh(...)

‘Just when you’ve pulled yourself out of the mire, they’ll knock you back in again with a simpering, nauseating, molasses-soaked blast of White Christmas’

I know when to admit defeat. I’ve decided that the only way to survive the season is to give up curmudgeonliness

‘The same research also contends that people without children are generally happier. This surprised me.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

We start out youthful and optimistic, then slalom downhill as we age. The good news, according to research, is that life takes an (...)

Why should women have to house the untreated effluent, the crude, unreconstructed machinery of sexual aggression that flows out of(...)

Jackie: how else were you supposed to know what to do when a boy stuck his tongue in your mouth

Jackie was an instruction manual for teen survival. For those of us lolling around on our candlewick bedspreads in our Bay City Ro(...)

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field. Photograph: Dave M Benett/Getty Images

Ayda looked very nice in the birthing snaps, and is shown in one ‘dancing for her husband’, which ‘helped her take her mind off th(...)

‘Sometimes, when the sea mist came down and the foghorn hounded the dense sky, the house disappeared entirely.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

It was cheap to rent in the 1970s, and was remote, wild, spooky, damp and illuminated at night by beams from the lighthouse. It wa(...)

‘Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more exciting, there was Dicky Rock, materialising out of the camphor-scented ether, looking tanned and coiffed and lovely’

Hilary Fannin: I went to the RDS exhibition purely for the purposes of research, you understand

‘The article also said some whip-sharp, boffin-designed test had been developed to measure neuroticism.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

‘Moody middle-aged women more prone to Alzheimer’s,’ the headline read

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