Clare Barrett: one of the most gifted comic actors in the country

A play within a play is without its cast. Can a stage manager save the day?

Nirbhaya was inspired by the horrific gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey in Delhi in 2012
Review: Nirbhaya

Yaël Farber’s play, prompted by a brutal gang rape in Delhi and its ensuing outcry, transforms victimhood into bravery through fea(...)

Director Walter Asmus. Photograph: John Haynes

The genial German director Walter Asmus was initially scared of Samuel Beckett before gradually becoming the playwright’s personal(...)

Playwright Tom Murphy (left) with artistic director Willie White and daughter Molly (2) at the launch of the programme for the Dublin Theatre Festival, which runs from September 25th to October 12th.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Programme divides evenly between Irish and international work

John Mahoney and Penny Slusher in Chapatti

The rebranded Galway International Arts Festival is pointedly here, there and everywhere

In ID, our assumptions are challenged and the cast imparts a series of self-definitions, mainly comic, but often pointed
Review: ID

The latest show from Galway’s Blue Teapot, which plays with the acronym ID, doesn’t make intellectual disability its only form of (...)

Jill Winternitz & Paul-Michael Jones in the UK touring production of Dirty Dancing

To lure in summer punters, theatres have learned to give ’em what they want

John Mahoney and Penny Slusher
Review: Chapatti

An American-Irish co-production of Christian O’Reilly’s Dublin-set play brings unfamiliar accents and suprisingly sour notes to a (...)

Marty Rea as the priest fighting paedophilic urges

The characters in playwright Brian Martin’s controversial debut play are each experiencing a crisis in faith. But is it believable(...)

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