Michael Angelakos on new Passion Pit album ‘Kindred’: “The project is a weird kind of therapy for me as a producer and musician.”

Singer’s new album is a release after struggle with depression and ‘Gossamer’

In his new book How Music Got Free, Stephen Witt tells the story of the world’s biggest music leaker

Eyes on the prize: Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison

When Steven Ellison was growing up jazz showed him the future of music. Now Flying Lotus is returning the favour – in a very dar(...)

Podge McNamee (second from right): “People heard HamsandwicH and thought we were a joke band . . . People heard ‘White Fox’ and they know we’re serious and they know we’re in this for the right reasons. But so many people judge a book by its cover. We’re all guilty of that.” Photograph: Dara Munnis

The band are on a rising trajectory with a new album and new direction

Jazz promoter Norman Granz and Legendary jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie backstage at a Jazz at the Philharmonic concert, 1955. Photgraph: Metronome/Getty Images

Despite the fall labels such as ECM are keeping alive the old-school tradition

Colm Mac Con Iomaire has been busy doing various musical projects while also recording his new solo album, And Now the Weather (Agus Anois an Aimsir)

There’s a difference between having a band and being in a band, says the solo artist and former Frames fiddler

Studio rat: Daniel Lanois. Photograph: Brad Barket/Getty/CBGB

U2’s Canadian producer has spent his whole life in recording studios. Now he wants to celebrate that heritage, which ranges from B(...)

In recent times, the flurry of young acts getting courted, seduced and signed by major labels has been striking in the extreme

Hank Shocklee: ‘People diss Soundcloud and Spotify because of “music for free” and all that, but look at the artists who’ve got traction who would never have got traction under the old label regime.’ Photograph: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

He produced Public Enemy and lit the fuse for Bomb Squad but don’t expect him to be hot for modern hip-hop

With the new Villagers album, ‘Darling Arithmetic’, main man Conor O’Brien has worked it all out in his head, and is no longer afr(...)

The beauty of the new arrivals is that they pass the easy, foolproof tests. The heavy lifting has been done and the tech is ready (...)

More than two years after his scorching breakout release 'good kid, M.A.A.D. city', Kendrick Lamar returns with an even more impre(...)

Stepping back: Zayn Malik on stage with Harry Styles in New York. Photograph: Kevin Mazur/OneD/Getty

Zayn Malik’s exit won’t stop the boy-band juggernaut. Their managers will have been planning how to cope without one of them – and(...)

The story of SFX Entertainment proves they’re not natural bedfellows

Freshly returned from Texas and with his ears still ringing, Jim Carroll picks out the bands and acts that shone the brightest at (...)

Austin festival attracts 300,000 visitors but the growth may require a different approach

Paola Antonelli, senior curator of The Museum of Modern Art, gives a keynote address in Austin. Photograph: Travis P Ball/Getty Images for SXSW

From artificial intelligence to Generation Z, the Texan media festival has become a conference of everything

Father figures: Alloysious Massaquoi, right, with Kayus Bankole and Graham Hastings: ‘Every song we put out, we’ve loved. We’re not hiding anything or keeping anything back’

The Edinburgh band put the pop into hip-hop and have always avoided the pissed-off persona of the typical hip-hop artist. Despite (...)

His debut album, ‘Big Inner’, took him on a rollercoaster ride around the globe. But White wanted to be sure its follow-up, ‘Fresh(...)

Is 2015 the year when the notion of getting your music for free bites the dust?

Week in and week out, the clubs, venues and DJs change little as new and old names swapped places - one thing that remains constan(...)

She is on show at MoMA in New York, and her new album, ‘Vulnicura’, pushes at the sonic boundary, but for Björk it’s all about the(...)

Labels such as Numero, Be With Light In the Attic and Soul Jazz save the acts that slip through the net

Mourn: Mourn | Album Review

Rihanna won a false representation case against TopShop over a T-Shirt that carried her image. Photograph: Elsa/Getty Images

Bob Marley’s estate’s successful lawsuit sets precedent for other celebrities

Showcase: the Iceland Airwaves festival, where acts have included Goat (above), has boosted the country’s music industry and lengthened its tourism season. Photograph: Matthew Eisman/Getty

Imro says 9,000 people work in the music industry, contributing €470m to the economy. But small acts are still struggling. Ireland(...)

Palaver: James Bay

Are you as bland as a cold bag of chipper chips? Superstardom may be on its way

Charli XCX: third time lucky?

For every successful act who find their way into the hearts and affections of millions, there are countless more who never live up(...)

Joan Shelley: “There’s a lot of pop ballads out there with full bands playing in full and I just don’t hear a song in that way. It’s an effort, a conscious effort, to rein things in.

Ahead of her Irish tour, Joan Shelley tells Jim Carroll about new album Electric Ursa and the therapeutic power of songwriting

Mike Scott. ‘I love Twitter, but it sometimes gets me into trouble.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The Waterboys leader went to Nashville to record the band’s new album, but Dublin is where he writes best, driven by his desire to(...)

Sister act Naomi   and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz

Teenage twins Naomi and Lisa-Kaindé Díaz are behind one of 2015’s most striking debut albums

What is Jack White’s problem with bananas?

The White Stripist’s rider demands might not be as ridiculous as you’d think

Beats headphones on display alongside  iPads and iPhones at the Apple Store  in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images for Apple)

Apple’s latest moves into streaming with Beats may well turn out to be a game-changer

Photograph: Ruslan Dashinsky/E+/Getty

Bar the occasional ‘Ballyturk’, theatre has fallen off my to-do list because music, books, film and TV deliver so much more

Avicii: countrytronica adventures

The Swedish DJ and his people have decided there are millions to be made from toxic, barbaric, putrid mutant bluegrass – and unf(...)

Het is alleen rock’n’roll . . . but we like it. If it’s January, all roads lead to Groningen for the annual Eurosonic live music e(...)

Tech obsolescence moves in mysterious ways. You can be on top of the world today and a footnote alongside Bebo tomorrow

Kendrick Lamar: has been working away on new music for ages – and is also looking at tour dates for early 2015. But where’s his new album?

Will Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar follow in D’Angelo’s foosteps? Don’t bet the PR budget on it

Mark Ronson is having another one of those zeitgeisty moments thanks to “Uptown Funk”. He talks to Jim Carroll about how Stevie Wo(...)

18+: Trust

“Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper” may be an ominous title for Noah Lennox’s fifth album but it’s not quite how it sounds. He talk(...)

Bono with former U2 manager Paul McGuinness back in the day. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The U2 singer’s 6,218-word screed is an A to Z of 2014, including the Apple debacle, his bike crash, and a veiled cry for help to (...)

We Are Shining: Kara

Silk Rhodes: Silk Rhodes

Soak from Derry

Who are the acts to watch in 2015? And how did our predictions for last year fare? We asked some music industry insiders to look i(...)

How’s it looking music-wise for the next year? Pretty good as it happens – and here’s a selection of the ones we’re impatient to h(...)

Dancing at the Metropole in Dublin in 1968. Photograph:  Kevin McMahon

In the mid 1960s, showbands were challenged by DJs playing records. Will Leahy of 2FM has been charting 50 years of Ireland’s whee(...)

A giddy, colourful Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Steffi: Power Of Anonymity

Broods: Evergreen

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