Minced Oath – Supersede review: album packs a mighty electronica punch

Wed, Aug 9, 2017, 11:00



Minced Oath



Irish electronic musician Dunk Murphy usually releases work under the moniker of Sunken Foal, but for Supersede – written, performed and recorded across two very recent weeks, June 28th to July 12th, and issued with no PR fuss or great expectations – he has chosen Minced Oath as the signifier.

Whatever about the name change, the music here is often superb. In accordance with the time it took to put the album together, each of the 15 tracks was improvised (on a bank of analogue synthesizers) and recorded with no edits.

The immediacy it lends to the listener is counterpointed by the tranquil/turbulent swathes and surges of the music. It isn’t a criticism to say that the majority of what’s on offer here isn’t delicate or lighthearted – this is dense, drone-oriented and untreated electronica that packs an on-target punch. countersunk.org