‘Of all the arts centres and theatres outside of Dublin where I’ve heard OTC productions, the Solstice [above] in Navan is in a league of its own.’ Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

At four recent performances given in spaces not designed for music, the contrasting fortunes were profound

Belfast conductor Courtney Lewis stands out as someone who is prepared to go that extra mile in shaping the nuance and colour of the orchestra’s playing. Photograph: Travis Anderson

Getting the best out of an orchestra is a challenge, but the young Belfast conductor proves he can handle it with performances of (...)

One of Europe’s finest outdoor opera companies comes indoors for a brief tour in Dublin with ‘La traviata’

Irina Dubrovskaya’s intriguing rhythmic liquidity communicates a dreamlike quality - he is fully in the world, but not quite of it.
Review: La traviata

Glyndebourne returns with a terrific production of Verdi’s classic

The Vanbrughs, whose final years at RTÉ were marked by patchy publicity and promotion, may well feel that they have had a narrow escape

ConTempo Quartet, on the other hand, were to take over as RTÉ’s string quartet in Cork in April, but things have been rather muted(...)

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