Irish 'supergroup' Little Matador take the bull by the horns

With his new ‘supergroup’, Snow Patrol’s Nathan Connolly has returned to his rock roots to deal with his personal trauma

Fri, Apr 18, 2014, 00:00

What Connolly specifically wanted to address on the album was a traumatic period in his recent personal life. He needs to be pushed a lot on this, but one Chinese burn later he says “I’m referring to stuff that happened a year and a half ago. Just stuff in my personal life. It’s all there on the album. Let’s just say I was very hurt and angry at the time. It now comes across as slightly more vicious than I remember feeling at the time but at the time of writing the songs I was not thinking about respecting another person’s feelings. I just had to get it out in a raw and honest way. It was only a few months later that I thought there might be repercussions. I’m being brutally honest in the songs – it’s a very personal album. I wrote the songs in the moment – it’s just that particular moment was one when I was feeling angry and reflective.”

Whereas Snow Patrol now play enormodomes, Little Matador are lucky if they get a dressing room in the venues they are playing. “We’re playing to 50 to 100 people and it is thrilling and exciting for me. This all reminds me of starting off with Snow Patrol, playing these small gigs.

We’re doing the small, sweaty venues so that we can be taken seriously. And the support and goodwill we’re getting so far is phenomenal. Plenty of Patrol fans are coming along and that’s great.”

Clearly very enthused about his new harder and rockier sound, Connolly is already thinking about the follow-up Little Matador album. “I do have big ambitions for this band but at the same time I have to be realistic. It’s all now to do with working out the timings. Everybody in this band knows I haven’t left Snow Patrol but I have no less love for either of the two bands.

“The guys in Patrol totally support what I’m doing and are really encouraging – they know I’ve been talking about doing this for a few years now. There is a new Snow Patrol album due, but now I’m all about Little Matador. And loving every second of it . . . ”

Little Matador is out now.