Escaping London for Berlin had a drastic effect on Wallis Bird’s sonic palette. The Wexford woman talks about her newfound empower(...)

Fiona Bevan: “Ed was hanging out with One Direction around the time of the Olympics opening ceremony and the Queen’s Jubilee, and he played them the song and they just really liked it”

She co-wrote ‘Little Things’ for One Direction with Ed Sheeran and has been mentored by Adam Ant – but now singer-songwriter Fiona(...)

Smoke Fairies

Mama Kin: ‘We’d ponder on our long road trips why more these incredible, international-level bands weren’t really viable in Australia’

Husband and wife musicians Mama Kin and John Butler run an Australian arts-grant fund while negotiating their own music careers

The Lucius women

Lucius co-frontwoman Holly Laessig talks about how the harmonising Brooklyn band grew out of a fun music-school project

Born to be Vile

Kurt Vile’s last album cemented his new-found popularity. The psychedelic indie rocker explains how going from lo-fi cult hero to (...)

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