Engagement and the breaking down of conventional barriers is clearly high on ConTempo’s agenda

Programmes are invaluable for concert-goers, and a little discussion from performers rarely does any harm

The Elixir of Love is indicative of the scale of production the OTC would liketo do more of

OTC says it was ‘the victim of political decisions’ but it’s now back on the road with bigger ambitions than ever

The Emerson Quartet are no strangers to the challenges and possibilities of the recording studio, and they have nine Grammy awards to prove it

The Emerson Quartet offer a reminder of the advantages of the live performance over the recording

Jennifer Davis, left, and Anna Devin have both developed the kind of healthy, strong delivery that singers need to project in larger halls and opera houses

If only Ireland had such a thing as a national opera company to utilise the abilities of Anna Devin and Jennifer Davis

Enrico Pace is a class act, a man who understands what a vast range of sonorities a piano can be coaxed into yielding. Photograph: Marco Borggreve

The skill of the players is undermined by the concert’s unconventional structure

The late impresario John Ruddock at his home in Dalkey. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Whether promoting at home or recruiting abroad, John Ruddock’s effect on Irish music was profound

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