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Reason to Believe - The songs of Tim Hardin Full Time Hobby***

Had Tim Hardin not succumbed to heroin addiction in 1980, he might have just celebrated his 71st birthday. His reputation, revived in recent times by the likes of Okkarvil River’s Will Sheff, rests on his first two albums, Tim Hardin 1 and 2. These naked songs of hopes and fears were informed by his addiction and by his love for Susan Morss, an affluent actress. A sense of foreboding hangs over every track. The 13 thoughtful readings of the songs, mainly by a mix of British and American new folk acts are testament to the beauty that Hardin managed to carve out of a life of hell. Listen and then check out the originals.

Download:Smoke Fairies, If I Were a Carpenter; Mark Lanegan, Red Balloon; Alela Diane, How Can We Hang on to a Dream?