The Rapture


In the Grace of Your Love DFA***

There’s a strong sense of resurrection to The Rapture’s third album. Back at DFA after a few years of major label (mis)adventures – as well as the loss of a founder member along the way – In the Grace of Your Lovesets out to re-establish the band’s bona fides, though this certainly doesn’t mean a return to the dance-punk roots that produced their House of Jealous Loverscalling card. This Rapture are still in tune with the dancefloor, as the piano-driven How Deep Is Your Love?demonstrates with some fancy footwork. The other strings in their bow are just as alluring. The clever way in which Miss Youstruts its way into your affections, and the fierce pop lustre that producer Phillippe Zdar uses on Come Back to Me, indicate a band who’ve found a bunch of new answers to old questions. See

Download tracks: How Deep Is Your Love, Miss You