The Cranberries


Roses Cooking Vinyl***

Comeback albums have the potential to go spectacularly awry. Although several of The Cranberries have kept their muscles flexed with other projects over the past decade, there’s always the chance that their reconvention will turn up results that are either dated or ill-judged contemporary efforts. Roses, the Limerick band’s sixth album, is neither. Recorded with erstwhile collaborator Stephen Street, these understated numbers lean more towards the band’s Linger-ing moments than their Zombie-fied ones. The Sunday-esque strum of Tomorrowis one of several likeable, melodic indie-pop tunes. Schizophrenic Playboykicks the tempo up a notch, but it’s tempered by the sophisticated sway of Waiting in Walthamstowand So Good, with Dolores O’Riordan’s trademark yowl kept to an unassuming croon for the most part. Far from a mind- blowing return, it’s a tasteful reintroduction to a still-capable band.

Download tracks: Tomorrow, Schizophrenic Playboy