Our Krypton Son


Our Krypton SonSmalltown America ***

Chris McConaghy’s latest musical guise couldn’t be further removed from his role in the now-defunct zany art- rockers Red Organ Serpent Sound, but it certainly sounds like he’s found a comfortable niche. Backed by four musicians, McConaghy’s debut album is a warm collection of measured alt.rock and pop, laden with full-bodied, organic flourishes of guitar and sturdy piano riffs.

The songwriter’s husky voice lends itself well to the autumnal tone, which peaks on the eerie intensity of standout track Sunlight in the Ashes. Clearly influenced by The Beatles and Bob Dylan (and occasionally by contemporary acts such as Grizzly Bear), most of these tracks are firmly likeable if not life-changing. That means Our Krypton Son may not be super, man, but he’s still pretty great, man.


Download:Gargantuan, Sunlight in the Ashes