Benjamin Grosvenor: redrew balances at will and shifted material into different octaves as he saw fit, not to emulate effects that are possible on a harpsichord but rather to make absolutely the best pianistic effect

The pianist, just 22, delivers an unconventional programme with awe-inspiring confidence

‘Bruch never managed to reconcile himself with the direction taken by Wagner and Liszt, let alone those who built on their achievements.’ Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The German composer clung to the same style throughout his career – do any modern counterparts keep the faith?

Friday’s programme showed that, under its current chorus master, Mark Hindley (above), standards at the RTÉ Philharmonic are high

The choir has to compete with the Fleischmann, but it’s living up to the vision behind its foundation

‘Back in the 1990s I told Judith Woodworth [above], then the director of the NCH, that music itself was way down the agenda in the hall’s own promotional activities. Her response was unexpected.’ Photograph: Frank Miller

The NCH needs to give greater prominence to the music in its promotion and RTÉ needs to be braver about new music

Taracea: Seldom Sene

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