Martha Wainwright


Come here to Mama V2***

After the self-enforced parameters of her last project (a collection of Edith Piaf covers), Martha Wainwright is back to her eccentric self. Perhaps the only problem with Come Home to Mama, her fourth album, is Wainwright’s determination to pack all ofher quirks into each song. Her well-documented delight in the offbeat pays dividends on the deliciously woozy rocked-up folk of I Am Sorry, the zany pop of I Wanna Make an Arrest and beautifully striking ballad Proserpina, but there are an equal number of songs that could do with streamlining and direction.

Still, Wainwright is an artist who wears her heart on her sleeve, as heard on All Your Clothes’ startlingly candid lyric. So, while there are several misgivings about the album’s course, one is simultaneously reminded of its creator’s likeable sincerity.

Download tracks:I Am Sorry, Proserpina