Emm Gryner


The Best OfDead Daisy Records ****

Canadian singer-songwriter Emm Gryner is one of those artists who always seem to be on the cusp of mainstream success only for it not to happen. It certainly isn’t for want of talent or skill, as Gryner has melodies to burn. (No stranger to Ireland, she released a superb Irish covers album, Songs of Love and Death in 2005.) This collection has been gathered from across a career that started in 1995 and has been characterised by a prolific output that is occasionally difficult to keep track of. Gryner is all about the songs, which are well structured, well connected and crafted with levels of care and attention that are all too rare these days. Not hip enough for you? Maybe not, but there’s gold here for those willing to search for it.


Download:Stereochrome, Girls Are Murder, Ciao Monday