Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Féin

Mary Lou McDonald said party’s Bill would apply to all contracts in excess of €1 million

Micheál Martin: “All of that does not justify the yield of about €150 million. While I am not even suggesting this, putting 5 cent on a gallon of petrol would have raised the equivalent amount of revenue,” he said of the water charges. Photograph: Alan Betson

McDonald claims Wicklow County Council threatens tenants with eviction if they fail to pay charges

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly said the Constitution stipulated that members of the Seanad were elected by secret postal ballot, which could not be changed without a further constitutional referendum.

Minister says constitutional implications of reform must be considered

Clare Daly: said an employee taken on by Hertz car hire was paid “the princely sum of €2.46 per hour for a period of months on the promise of a permanent position’’.  Photograph: Alan Betson

Minister of State says it is a criminal offence not to pay minimum wage

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald claimed Wicklow County Council has warned tenants they could be evicted if they fail to pay water charges.

Heated debate in Dáil as McDonald accuses Tánaiste of not caring about struggling families

Lucinda Creighton: “I now use Facebook to share my blogs, my weekly column for the Daily Mail, press releases, Dáil speeches, constituency news and initiatives as well as photographs.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Reform Alliance TD advertises on Facebook to promote home page

Ivana Bacik said she welcomed the “positive news’’ that Ireland had been invited to participate in the British Armistice day event. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Senators call for publication of centenary ceremony details

Joan Burton hoping people of Ireland can become ‘persuaders’ to help others gain employment.

Minister says she wants everybody to help those not in work to find employment

Micheál Martin: described as “sinister’’ the manner in which the email had been leaked

Email concerned dispute with UK-based jeweller over payment for €10,000 ring

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