Gus Nichol, the head of the family business, in the coffin loft

A book marking 200 years of the Nichols family and their undertaking business isn’t all serious

The world the magazine continues to report on has changed irrevocably in the intervening decades: from left, Time in 1954; part of a prescient ad in 1954 promoting the rocket power of the Aerojet-General Corporation; and the issue of August 4th this year

Vintage Summer: In the final part of the series, we compare a 1954 issue of Time magazine with one from today

A page from the educational ‘Look and Learn’ annual (1979)

Vintage Summer: Looking back on comics and books from the 1970s and earlier, the prejudice and sexism jump out at you, although an(...)

Agony aunt Ann Landers. Photograph: Kevin Horan/The Life Images Collection/Getty Images

Vintage Summer: Mary Marryat’s column in Woman’s Weekly shows just how much attitudes to sex, death and abuse have shifted

Clockwise from main, the Caribbean bath ad (1973); an ad for Wondermash, a kind of piped concentrated mashed potato, from the same magazine; an ad for a Chin Strap (1948); and an ad for a Formica kitchen (1965)

A Vintage Summer: A trawl through old ads is funny, but also a jarring reminder of past social truths

Want to make friends the 1960s way? Then follow the tips laid out in Frankly Feminine by making some frilly knits, among other things. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Vintage Summer: A book of advice for women from a bygone era has sections on ‘your husband, your money and you’ and ‘imagination i(...)

Trained eye: Rosita Boland with the carved wooden box and tin-plate trains she purchased with her €100. Photograph: Alan Betson

I’m a seasoned searcher for second-hand treasure, but as I trawl a car-boot sale in Fethard, Co Tipperary, in search of a bargain (...)

Rosita Boland with a 1976 cookbook, Meals for Every Occasion, which features recipes for sausage bolster and sardine cartwheels, among other culinary delights. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Vintage Summer: In a new series, I’m using old books and magazines to compare bygone times with the present. This week I cook a di(...)

The Chester Beatty library has combed through its secret vaults to put together a new exhibition with eclectic pieces, some of whi(...)

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