The pop veteran has put pen to paper for her first album in 10 years. Why? ‘When you write songs, you have to reveal something o(...)

Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel: “It’s sort of like Peter and I are like two old holdouts from the earlier decades of Manhattan bohemianism who just  happen to still be around here,” says Lewis

Duo are unlikely but happy musical collaborators

Angela Dorgan of HWCH, Neil Harrison and Keith Lawler, co founders of  Firstage app with the band Bitch Falcon at Windmill Lane Studios. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times

Firstage app records musicians’ live performances to bring them to virtual stages that can be accessed right through your smartpho(...)

Brian Byrne: ‘I wanted to go to college, learn to be a good piano player and maybe get a job in Billy Joel’s band’

Navan’s Brian Byrne has taken a break from scoring Hollywood films to set a James Joyce poetry collection to music

‘It’s a big release to do new stuff,’ says Pete Doherty, as a mellower Libertines launch their first album in 11 years. Lauren Mur(...)

Rachel Kelly, Padraic Rowan and Máire Flavin. Photograph: Sara Freund

The cast of a new Irish production of Handel’s opera Agrippina talk about the gruelling demands of modern opera singing, the lonel(...)

Parquet Courts (including Austin Brown, foreground): a band with a pre-internet era outlook. Photograph: Ben Rayner

They’ve been called as much, but they’re more interested in achieving longevity

Will the singer’s novel follow in Nick Cave’s footsteps, or crash and burn like Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz?

Jess Glynne

The Londoner came to light singing with Clean Bandit and Tinie Tempah. Now her own album is about to drop, and not even heartache (...)

You’ll feel like a bosom buddy by the end of this album

Andrew Moore and Peter and David Brewis: for Drifters the trio fell into the same improvisational methods they practised when they first began playing together more than 15 years ago

They have made their name as one of the most imaginative guitar bands in contemporary rock, so composing music for a 1929 document(...)

Guitar stars: Gabriela Quintero and Rodrigo Sanchez. Photograph: Rick Kern/Getty Images

The underground guitar duo from Mexico are now playing arena-sized shows with the likes of Robert Plant in Montreux. So what’s nex(...)

Cillian Stewart (founder); Michael Pope (Le Galaxie); Derek Byrne (TXFM), May Kay (Fight Like Apes) and others give Tullamore its (...)

‘Aureate Gloom’ came out of a break-up, but their Castlepalooza gig will cheer Barnes up

Marti Pellow: ‘We’re not coming out and singing novelty songs; they’re songs that still resonate with us as songwriters.’ Photograph: Lorne Thomson/Redferns via Getty Images

That’s probably to be expected from a man who once described heroin as ‘the ultimate painkiller’. But life could be worse: as well(...)

Interview: A winner at the Brits this year, Paloma Faith still feels she’s an outsider

Amanda Palmer: ‘I have a hard time not using myself as a reference point.’ Photograph: Kambriel

The Dresden Dolls frontwoman has been accused of exploitation for using Kickstarter to finance her albums and for seeking voluntee(...)

And So I Watch You from Afar are, from left, Rory Friers, Niall Kennedy, Chris Wee and Johnny Adger

The affable Antrim band have been around for 10 years and, with another album about to drop, they have designs on another decade (...)

Three albums in and Marcus Mumford & company have jettisoned the banjo folkie vibe of their smash debut album ‘Babel’. They think (...)

A major-label contract has put an extra spring in the dance-floor step of this Irish electropop sensation. New album Le Club shows(...)

Duncan Wallis (second from left) of Dutch Uncles describes their new album as like ‘Grace Jones fronting Talking Heads’

The English band’s new album might centre on a theme of domesticity, but it’s far from mundane

Isaac Brock: “I’ve only got one ticket so I’ve been on the same f**king ride this whole time. I’m not sure if it’s a long ride or a short ride – I’m just a skin cell on the world, so my mortality doesn’t really mean dick all”

Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse talks about his two decades of fronting the band

Tobias Jesso Jr: owes his career to a series of fortuitous coincidences

His star is in the ascendant – but don’t expect him to start taking things seriously any time soon

The English singer-songwriter’s fifth album is subtly flavoured by her sojourn on the American west coast

Sleater-Kinney are, from left, Janet Weiss, Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein

After an eight-year hiatus, the trio were compelled back into the studio by a ‘mystical’ force

Rachel and Betty Unthank: ‘If you’re not going to put yourself out there, what’s the point in living?

The group have been singing the canon for a decade – but what happens now that they are making their own music?

“People say to me, ‘Do you ever get nervous?’ and I say, ‘If an album bombs, I’ll make another one.’ I’ve made enough sh*t records – and great records – to know that you ride it out”

The charts are a load of boll*cks. Bono goes on a bit. And he would be ‘f**king very, very, very interested’ in collaborating with(...)

Jose Gonzalez by Malin Johanssen

It's eight years since Jose Gonzalez released a solo album - listen to Vestiges and Claws here

Vision for Cork: Everyman Palace’s artistic director Julie Kelleher. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Cork’s ‘little hum’ of creative confidence is building to a crescendo, its artists say

The Decemberists: purveyors of bookish indie-rock, yet prone to fantastical lyrics, concept albums and rock operas

After a hiatus, illness, and, for frontman Colin Meloy, three children’s books, the band are back with an eclectic album

Josh Tillman: “This whole intellectual dream that I’ve been living in, I’m ready to wake up and address this new reality”

For his second album, inspired by his wife Emma Garr, Josh Tillman, aka Father John Misty, had to surrender to love – and a little(...)

Some band reunions make complete sense, but The Libertines' attempt seems more sad than anything else

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