‘The inscrutability of the living cartoon enables Hook to be, by a considerable distance, the greatest Irish broadcaster since Gaybo, entering into the imaginations of his audience, inviting love and loathing in equal proportions.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Behind the Right Hook – the cartoon character he inhabits to maximum effect on radio and TV – is an ambitious broadcaster with com(...)

Opinion: What has been gained on fees for parking has been lost on lower rates income

Lucinda Creighton: a great woman who in a healthy country would be embraced as a God-sent force. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Opinion: Ireland has turned its back on the possibility of real change in favour of selling itself to anyone who will buy

Michael Noonan: his, and the Government’s, strategy appeared to evoke a wide measure of support in the newspapers. Photographer: Aidan Crawley

Opinion: Survey found preponderance of articles in newspapers supporting Government’s approach to economic crisis

Opinion: It is not for anyone to decide in advance that such and such a position is a minority one

 “Journalism has become a branch of the entertainment industry.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Opinion: The job of news media is tell people what happened, what the facts are

Opinion: Survey of attitudes seems to indicate that we are becoming more tolerant of ‘bad language’

Opinion: Research shows judges often finds disputes over children difficult and distasteful

Opinion: Judge in High Court in Rome has expressed outrage at treatment of woman

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