“Strip away the modern accoutrements, and the production line involved in getting out a daily newspaper is essentially the same now as at the end of the 19th century.” Photograph: Getty Images

Print media must adapt to a new communications reality. There is nothing to fear in exploring this complex arena

Brett Meyers, chief executive of CurrencyFair, explains how he convinced  Sebastian Chabal to dress up as a fairy.

Tom Lyons is in the chair as our business journalists discuss the week’s big stories

“The loosening of copyright through the introduction of a broad range of ill-defined exceptions will inevitably lead to uncertainty and lack of clarity in our copyright legislation.”

The Copyright Review Committee’s report needs to be considered in the context of an EU-wide discussion

Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One racing.

Paris court rules search engine must block access to nine illegal sex images

“Irish people’s pathological obsession with property, is often intertwined with the worst sort of petty snobbery”. PHOTOGRAPH: ALAN BETSON

Apology did not say he had been factually incorrect

Pat Kenny kicked off his new show on Newstalk radio today. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien
Review: The Pat Kenny Show

A good, solid start by the veteran broadcaster, but where are all the women?

Pat Kenny says an important factor in his decision to leave was RTÉ’s insistence that he should present Prime Time two nights a week, which he felt was a step backward from his role on The  Frontline.

Presenter says Newstalk approached him because station hinted he was available

As Pat Kenny begins his new radio show on Newstalk, he talks about what 41 years at RTÉ have taught him and says even his mistak(...)

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