Director Carol Morley’s new film, ‘The Falling’, chronicles a fainting epidemic at an all-girls school

“A mask of angst”: Mads Mikkelsen in The Salvation

Former Manchester United striker Eric Cantona is the law enforcer in a good old-fashioned western

Dresden-born director’s lesser-known story is well worth rediscovering

Crowd-pleasing documentary about a classic under-horse story

A film that can’t decide if it’s a love story, a portrait of grief, a comedy of manners, or if it’s just happy doing chocolate-box(...)

Bewildered audience members were seen to visibly age during Hot Tub Time Machine 2

The franchise that never should produces a film that just can’t

What can be said that hasn’t already been explored by earlier documentaries? Plenty, apparently

As Keanu returns to action-hero duty in ‘John Wick’, Tara Brady finds him as fantastically unassuming as ever

Ethan Hawke on ‘Good Kill’: “It’s a character I’ve never seen before. One hundred miles away he’s doing 9 to 5. Fight the Taliban. Take the kids to school. It forces a level of compartmentalisation that borders on the schizophrenic.”

From ‘Boyhood’ to turning down Batman, the actor’s is not a typical career

Force Majeure displays the kind of bitter disputes that can only happen in close families

Even in its relative infancy, the trans spectrum LGBTQ sub-genre already seems to have congealed into a familiar series of tropes (...)

The ‘designated ugly fat friend’ just looks two per cent less like Keira Knightley than the rest of the cast

Two strikingly sunny new films confirm the New York writer-director’s gift for reinvention

The tragic and sudden death of actor Paul Walker is the least of this bombastic, mutton-headed sequel’s many problems

How on Earth did Kenneth Branagh, Shakespearean protectorate, suddenly become a director of Hollywood blockbusters?

Arthouse cinema doesn’t get more accessible than this zany anthology film

Latest effort from Etan Cohen takes a while to warm up

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he still, our hero returns to battle scurvy fast-food pirate Burger Beard

Gene Cernan, who walked on the moon in December 1972

This documentary does a splendid job of recalling the celebrity and hullabaloo around the space programme

Negar Javaherian as Sara

Nima Javidi’s debut feature is already being talked about as this year’s ‘A Separation’

Jakob Cedergren

Director Nils Malmros dramatises the darkest episode of his life

In a world where the term “black comedy” is promiscuously overused, The Voices is the real deal

Quality emoting and solid direction is drowned out by baffling melodramatic twists

The Gunman wants to be Taken with a brain and without Liam Neeson

Isao Takahata’s gorgeous film uses dusty stories to reveal timeless prejudices and foolishness

When Mark Rylance shows up on screen he tends to steal more than the scene, whether in ‘Wolf Hall’ or his few feature films. The c(...)

Kim Cattrall: “Shit is happening here and nobody is talking about it,’ the actor says. “Well, I want to talk about it.” Photograph: Tony Barson/FilmMagic/Getty

We’ll always have New York, but the actor has gone light years beyond ‘Sex and the City’ with her acclaimed new series, ‘Sensitive(...)

Far out: Julie Christie in Far From the Madding Crowd

Made in the late 1960, the many psychedelic touches make John Schesinger’s take on Thomas Hardy one of the best English literar(...)

To describe the central romance as Mills and Boon cheapens that imprint’s worth

Morgan Matthews’s film is life-affirming but never quite entices the viewer into mathematics

Robert Sheehan: “They are great roles but they’re so defining in your career. It’s the job that’s really beneficial, it’s the one that everybody loves – and suddenly you’re left with the challenge of putting it behind you”

Shaking off ‘Misfits’, the role that made him, was still necessary, Robert Sheehan tells Tara Brady

Dev Patel as a brainbox scientist in Chappie

The 24-year-old technophobe says his work in Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi film ‘is probably the best acting I’ve ever done’

This is the first Ethiopian film to get a theatrical release in Ireland. Do try to get along so that it won’t be the last

How is that a film by a director as significant as Gregg Araki ends up with such a tiny release? And an excellent film, at that?

Julianne Moore in Still Alice, the role for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress in February

Veteran Julianne Moore gets across the cruelly gradual nature of the illness and holds firm to a character that remains tangible t(...)

Unspeakably powerful: newcomer Sameena Jabeen Ahmed in Daniel and Matthew Wolfe’s Catch Me Daddy

A landscape of monstrous beauty finds new voice in brothers Daniel and Matthew Wolfe’s tremendous tale of doomed romance

The fright stuff: Maika Monroe in It Follows

Monroe shines in new chiller It Follows, a psychological horror about a sexually transmitted murderous ghost

A swerve towards the apocalyptic: Zsófia Psotta in White God

Disney meets Hitchcock in Kornél Mundruczó's beautifully calibrated, immaculately acted Cannes winner

Back in action: Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson AJ McLean and Howie Dorough

McLean joins fellow Backstreet Boys Howie, Nick, Kevin and Brian in new tell-all documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

In the 1990s, the Backstreet Boys toured non-stop, burned out and developed various addictions. Now they’re older, wiser and rea(...)

Kevin Hart: ‘My brother made some mistakes and went to the military. My mom wasn’t going to let that happen to me.’ Photograph: Brad Barket/Getty Images

The world’s biggest-grossing comedian is everywhere at the moment. He talks about new film The Wedding Ringer, ‘the knack’ of succ(...)

Action boffin: Chris Hemsworth in Blackhat

The action is entertaining, crunchingly violent and handsomely done, but Mann’s usual pyrotechnics are demeaned by an idiotic pl(...)

Maelstrom: Rinko Kikuch in Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Directors David and Nathan Zellner take an eccentric road trip into Coen country

Look! It’s Rachel from ‘Friends’ with scars and no make-up. Sadly for Aniston, however, she can’t have her cake and an Oscar too (...)

Shane F Kelly, from Sixmilecross, Co Tyrone, worked with Richard Linklater on Boyhood from the beginning – “I think only Rick [Li(...)

Jamie Dornan possesses many of the understated traits one associates with south Belfast and its satellites: dryly amusing, sound-as-a-pound, Ulster brand posh, a real Sport Billy

From male model to leading man: Dornan seems unfazed by all the shrieking attention as he attends to various Grey matters

Movies don’t get more sublimely subversive than this 1933 caper from the Marx Brothers

This colourful, vacuous ‘Flash Gordon’ wannabe from the makers of ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Cloud Atlas’ is bizarrely, almost defiantly re(...)

Moe Dunford: “The script moved me beyond words. I never felt the need to get a role like I did with this one”

'I was that way myself growing up. I thought there was something wrong with me' – Moe Dunford on why the lead role in ‘Patrick’s D(...)

Aardman animation fans will be flocking to this delicious lamb chop

Diana Bang, Seth Rogen and James Franco in The Interview. (AP Photo/Columbia Pictures - Sony, Ed Araquel)

Kim Jong-un needn’t have worried, North Korea has little to fear from this toothless comedy

Beyond Clueless director Charlie Lyne: “It has always been a genre that is acutely aware of itself and its rules.”

From Jimmy Dean to Molly Ringwald, teenagers have been skulking around cinema for many decades, but it was in the 1990s that thing(...)

David Oyelowo:   “When I first read the script, in 2007, my reaction was spiritual. I felt a call of God that I was going to do this.” Photograph:  Bon Duke/New York Times

David Oyelowo, a familiar face from film and TV, had to transform himself to play Martin Luther King jnr in ‘Selma’. Now, with bac(...)

Trash: sentimental rubbish or gritty drama?

Director Stephen Daldry and screenwriter Richard Curtis combine to create a pleasing diversion, but with no clear audience

Alejandro Jodorowsky returns after 25-year absence, and his magical-surrealist lens is as sharply focused as ever

Walt Disney Animation follows up Frozen with exactly the right sort of project – something completely different

The Doc is in: Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon in Inherent Vice

Joaquin Phoenix and Josh Brolin do some magical ideological head-butting in Paul Thomas Anderson’s bravura attempt to stencilise P(...)

Stop Go Animator Grant Maisey works on a crowd scene for ‘Shaun the Sheep’

It takes four days to produce six seconds of film, dozens of directors to finish one movie, and the stars will only wash with baby(...)

From ‘Mean Girls’ to ‘Slap Her, She’s French’, Guardian Charlie Lyne’s documentary takes an elegiac look at what makes a teen (...)

Whether as a straight-up piece of US flag-waving or a disturbing psychological study, director Clint Eastwood's latest is a comple(...)

Ever since Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, a hugely popular memoir by Cheryl Strayed, hit bookshelves in 2012, readers have been inspired to follow in the author’s steps.

Annoyed with a lack of roles worth acting, Witherspoon optioned the rights to Cheryl Strayed’s best-seller ‘Wild’ and produced the(...)

Interesting documentary about Arab villagers who survive by exporting their apples to war-torn Syria

Frederick Wiseman’s latest offering is a long, close look at the National Gallery in London

Ballymena man Liam Neeson is back snapping nasty necks in this dopey, enjoyably bloodless bloodbath

Oz’s Vernon Schillinger; Spidey- hater JJ Jameson: the arch nut job is a JK Simmons speciality. But for his latest role, he had to(...)

A still from National Gallery.

‘National Gallery’, the octogenarian’s 41st feature film, is receiving rapturous notices

Eddie Redmayne put in prodigious efforts to play Stephen Hawking, from months working on particular muscles to getting to grips (...)

We're about to witness the "Biggest ever year for cinema". Tara Brady takes a look at what's ahead

This love story is as complex and deep as any of the physics covered in Stephen Hawking’s books

The ghost lady of the house is back with even more scares in this none-more-sequel

Director Tim Burton’s new film is a terrific story based on an artistic swindle

 If you’ve (somehow) missed out on all those OITNB premiere parties, now is the time to get queuing

Whether it's a Netflix original like Orange Is The New Black, a British comedy like Peep Show or just completely addictive like Br(...)

These days, however, Swanberg’s micro-movies aren’t quite so micro or non-professional.

The indie workhorse may be directing bigger names on more generous budgets, but his lo-fi auteur sensibility remains firmly in pl(...)

This award-winning Swiss docudrama chronicles the establishment of a pioneering LGBT group and its erotic sister publication

Mosab Hassan Yousef: “I have lived under Islam and in the free world. And you come to realise that many people are looking at the wall watching a bunch of shadows”

The extraordinary life of Mosab Hassan Yousef is documented in The Green Prince

Sorry Peter Jackson, but we’re all Orc’d out - Battle of the Five Armies is both way too much and not nearly enough

Tony Leung is properly enigmatic in this vandalised bio-pic of Ip Man, the maestro who trained Bruce Lee

Jim Broadbent stars as Santa Claus in this somewhat strange holiday kids movie

Slow progress: Edwyn Collins in The Possibilities Are Endless, directed by Edward Lovelace and James Hall

After nearly dying in 2005, the former Orange Juice singer began a long recovery with the tireless help of his wife, Grace Maxwell(...)

Paddington Bear and Mr Brown (Hugh Bonneville) in a scene from ‘Paddington’

Tara Brady talks to the English actor about going from lord of the manor to friend of the bear

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