Donal Foreman: “I wanted it to be a collaboration with the city and that moment and with the actors. Too many Irish filmmakers say ‘I want to make a universal story, it could be set anywhere’. That was something I didn’t want to do”

Film-maker Donal Foreman is hot property right now, thanks to the buzz surrounding his debut feature Out of Here - Irish cinema's (...)

Paraniod visions: Kevin McCarthy in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

Steeped in post-war paranoia and such contemporaneous hot topics as psychiatry, it offers a snapshot of 1950s consciousness

Teens spell trouble: Olivia Cooke (centre) in Ouija

The film-makers stick to the standard horror film template with not very startling results

Money talks: Morgan Jones as Seán FitzPatrick in The Guarantee

Ian Power’s bailout drama captures the yahoo patriarchy of bankers but is ultimately let down by a lack of subtlety

The funeral can’t come soon enough

Here’s a old-fashioned family comedy with a hero to root for

André Benjamin shines in a strangely muted boipic that seems to struggle against its own limitations

All-round yank David Ayer talks South Central LA, navy discipline and true-grit cinema with Tara Brady. And what if he hadn’t beco(...)

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