There’s more to Christmas activities than the ‘12 Pubs’ crawl. Here are some things to do from Christmas Day to early January

From left to right: Michael Noonan, Derek Cummins, Ian Bradley, secretary, and PJ Gallagher, patron and volunteer, of Blood Bike East.

Group of motorcycle enthusiasts deliver blood and tissue samples and essential supplies to hospitals out of hours for free

Joe and Ena Foley were so full of happiness

The first December after the loss of a loved one can be hard to bear. Distract yourself. Socialise only if you feel like it. And(...)

Kalbarri: Australian campers are friendly but not curious. They tend to take you at face value, go about their own business and only get involved if you need help.

Camping as part of the national psyche

Lisa Murphy: “Most of the people who were not happy about the outside” of DLR LexIcon “have been wowed by the inside”

Dún Laoghaire’s new central library, designed by Car, Cotter & Naessens, opened this week. What’s it like to work in?

Cable guy: laying fibre broadband. Photograph: Michael Smith/Getty

The Government says everyone will have high-speed internet by 2020. The chairman of Mr Crumb, which supplies Marks & Spencer, Wait(...)

All at sea: “80 per cent of our tourists are from the domestic market, so there are a lot of people this will affect,” says Simon Murray. Photograph: IIC/Axiom/Getty

Some Irish islands face cuts in their services. One resident of Inishbofin says it might destroy their communities

Lonely path: at first Calvin O’Brien didn’t talk about splitting up and becoming a father. Photograph: Vetta/Getty

The Chats for Change campaign has been encouraging students to talk about stress and other mental-health problems

Get creative when something is cramping your style. Photograph: Thinkstock

Women in their 30s and 40s tend to be more hormonally stable, but issues emerge in the earlier and later years

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