Dab hand: cleaning the graffiti off Molly Malone this week. Photograph: Eric Luke

Dublin’s statue of Molly Malone is an ever-stoic victim of the impulse to spray-paint, tag and otherwise deface our surroundings (...)

Now dig this: why don’t we depict historical events in the spots across the country where they took place?

It’s easier to learn about the past when it pops up in front of you

Airy port: The departures lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2. Photograph: Niel Hall/Reuters

Sure, Heathrow still has its dignity-stripping moments, but for the Irish the longest walk is no more

Ombudsman for Children, Emily Logan. Photograph: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

The Special Inquiry into the removal of children from their parents has much to say about the media’s role

Suspended: Luis Suárez. Photograph: Mike Egerton/PA Wire

Behind the inevitable jokes, the soccer star’s ban was part of an even grander narrative cycle: the World Cup story had its baddie(...)

Cliche 18: ‘Enjoy the weather while you can. Rain will be returning next week.’ Photograph: LOSW/Getty

How’s it possible to write the same weather story over and over? Try it yourself with this handy guide

Summer holiday: Graham Norton at BBC Radio 2

As the summer holidays kick in, the replacements are released – and some are bigger than others

Last post: Enda Kenny’s abandoned Twitter page

The Taoiseach’s not much of a social-media person, but someone had the great idea that he should do a Facebook Q&A while visiting (...)

Kind of genius: Pat and Una McDonagh, directors of the Barack Obama Plaza. Photograph: Brian Gavin/Press 22

The M7’s new Obama-themed service station will reveal what many parents already know: service stations can be destinations in them(...)

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