Kate and Steven from the RTÉ documentary ‘Clubland’: “She is literally like a sister to me,” Steven says

The Wright Venue – ‘a nightclub that sprang into existence when an enchanted copy of the Sindo’s Life Magazine was hit by lightnin(...)

Finbar Furey: ‘I knew I’d never be able to play the pipes as well again,’ he says of an injury to his shoulder. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Furey is back on the road after a period of grieving for his brother, and an injury that could have put him out of business as a p(...)

Experiences: when you’re biking “you’re really focusing, and that is hugely satisfying”, says James Wallman. Photograph: Daniel Milchev/Stone/Getty

The futurist James Wallman, author of ‘Stuffocation’, says that, having accumulated too many possessions in the 20th century, peop(...)

The judges of The Voice all those years ago

Kian Egan is one of five Lego-men transformed into a boyband by an evil wizard – and he resents Bressie

So great was Dogtanian and the ThreeMuskehounds that it was recently remade by the BBC, but instead of casting cartoon dogs they employed the leather- and-suede-clad human members of a 1980s hair-metal band

The story of a bunch of counter-revolutionary monarchists who strive to keep a Tony Blair lookalike in power as king of France.

Aidan Gillen as Charlie Haughey in RTÉ’s three-part drama series Charlie: “I was trying to find a middle ground where his look and sound could meet what I was capable of without being ridiculous or distracting.”

While being true to much of the Haughey story, there were some things RTÉ couldn’t stretch to

Darkly kitsch, troubling: Daniel Clowe

Fancy getting a new habit for the new year? Check out these comic book heroes of a different stripe

Guardians of the Galaxy made me laugh, starring, as it did, a wise-cracking racoon.

Detail from the front page of The Irish Times on Christmas Day, 1886.

In those days the news never stopped - and neither did the adverts, apparently

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