Clostridium difficile is still the most common use for faecal transplant: it hits hundreds of thousands of people annually, causing serious diarrhoea and often death. Photogarph: The Irish Times

Innovative procedure tackles most common gut bug infection – Clostridium Difficile

Jimmy Savile celebrity awed some, while his bullying, dominant personality frightened others. His fund-raising skills were seen as useful by Margaret Thatcher’s government, particularly, who “feted” Savile. Photograph: Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Analysis: Savile’s ability to abuse depended on influence, power and the right to be left unchallenged

Jimmy Savile, whose passing was initially mourned in 2011 before his crimes emerged into public view, raped or abused sixty-four victims — aged between eight and 40 — in just one hospital alone, Stoke Mandeville; though his oldest victim was 75. Photograph: PA Wire

Savile’s older brother, who died in 1998, also alleged to have assaulted five patients

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan: “Our economy is growing; our public finances are under control. Jobs are being created.” Photograph: The Irish Times

Minister indicates possible Coalition losses of 16 FG seats, with Labour partner losing 18

The head of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Lin Homer,  giving evidence at a treasury committee hearing in Westminster yesterday. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Head of UK tax authority defends organisation in face of MPs’ complaints

The scene in Glasgow’s George Square after  a bin lorry crashed into a group of pedestrians and  left six people dead. Photo: PA

58-year-old Harry Clarke says every day is now ‘a struggle’ after six people died in incident

Speaking in London, Michael Noonan said the offer from IAG for Aer Lingus would “be looked on favourably” if it brings benefits, but he emphasised that an island nation’s air routes are strategically vital. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

Minister says decision on airline bid will be taken on commercial, not political grounds

 Former British Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind besieged by the media yesterday. The Conservative MP resigned his role as chairman of the ISC and is to resign from Parliament as a result of a cash for access lobbying scandal.

Prime minister, in pre-election mode, says he respects and supports decision

Former British foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind has been caught in a  sting apparently offering their services to a private lobbying firm for payment. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Former British foreign secretary filmed discussing payment for influence

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