Rare writer: Wolfgang Koeppen. Photograph: Brigitte Friedrich

Review: An autobiographical novel by Wolfgang Koeppel, one of Germany’s great postwar writers, gets a brilliant translation

Martin Amis: holding a mirror up to the death camps. Photograph: Alan Betson

Martin Amis is a deeply moral writer with a Swiftian vigour. In his latest novel, ‘The Zone of Interest’, he returns to the story (...)

Presences: a Mexican Day of the Dead procession. Photograph: John and Lisa Berrill/Image Bank/Getty

Ghostly voices and visions propel Juan Rolfo’s masterpiece about a quest to find a tyrannical father

 TH White  kept a record of the many trials and frustrations and ultimate failure at training his goshawk, Gos. White remained relatively stoical and always loved the wild, enigmatic bird. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

An Irishwoman’s Diary on the eccentric logic of the writer of ‘The Once and Future King’

Jérôme Ferrari: displays an unnerving grasp of the ways humans continually fail each other and themselves. Photograph: Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images

Review: Jérôme Ferrari’s Corsican saga stretches across generations and draws on both history and human experience

 Castle Leslie estate is a mecca for horse riding enthusiasts and has its own equestrian centre

The relaxed independence of Castle Leslie Estate, in Co Monaghan, is a paradise for horse lovers, who can even bring their mount o(...)

Offbeat appeal: Gaito Gazdanov

Russian writer’s whacky but charming novel has shades of Dostoyevsky

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