Ian McEwan: ‘I’m sure Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t be pleased at being reminded that their proscription against blood transfusions wastes many lives.’ Photograph: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images

Ian McEwan pays homage to Yeats and Joyce in his new novel, which, in its story of a boy refusing a blood transfusion, dramatises (...)

The Times we lived in

Published: June, 1963

A polar bear in the Northwest Passage

Cormac James’s new novel is set on a ship sent to search for survivors of John Franklin’s expedition

Photograph: Andrew Testa/New York Times

Writers are never certain, says the novelist, but winning the Man Booker Prize gave him the confidence to radically depart from hi(...)

First published: August 11th 1984 Photograph by Dermot O’Shea

Wanjiru Kamuyu: ‘I was thinking of the love-hate relationship with hips and butt. Wanting it yet not wanting it’

African-American dancer Wanjiru Kamuyu explores notions of beauty

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Company’s Much Ado About Nothing, at Castle Yard at Kilkenny Design. The Kilkenny Arts Festival continues until August 17th.

The rain proved no deterrent to festival goers keen to soak up Shakespeare

The Basiani Ensemble from Georgia singing in the rain outside Kilkenny Castle yesterday to mark the opening day of the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Photograph: Pat Moore

The Marble City is bracing itself for mayhem and merriment, not to mention an estimated 45,000 visitors

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