Dylan Moran and Brendan Gleeson in ‘Calvary’.

McDonagh doesn’t want Calvary regarded as Irish: ‘it’s just set in Ireland with lots of Irish characters’

‘In my day, during the era of post-punk experimentation, we at least made an effort to dress for the future. What about this lot? The matted jumpers. The shag-pile hair. The endless, endless variations on mountaineers’ beards. They look as if they’re preparing to go mackerel fishing with the makers of Man of Aran.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: ‘Within minutes of completing one’s final exams, the vileness of the student state imbeds itself in the part of the human(...)

Laugh out loud: Imelda Staunton has a girls’ night in Pride

New movie Pride celebrates the unlikely meeting of Britain’s striking miners and gay rights campaigners in the 1980s. Poverty, hom(...)

‘To generate proper apoplectic fury, you need to spend a full three hours trapped with the low-fi, telephonic mash-up of Katy Perry (above), Taylor Swift and that video we shot of us showing our arses to the bouncer.’ Photograph: AP Photo/The Omaha World-Herald/Mark Davis

Opinion: Tinny versions of popular tunes are now broadcast to every person unlucky enough to be sitting in the same train carriage(...)

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