Patricia Molloy: “It gives me a sense of community while supporting local business.”

‘Even if I won a surprise trip to Las Vegas, it’s safe to say I would still have no interest in it’

Karen Burns: “I wouldn’t be worried about having no money in my bank account.”

‘Living in the City of London has many perks but the cost isn’t one of them’

Michael Dawson, chief executive officer of Gift Voucher Shop

‘I believe if something is fair value, and I am not being screwed, then I am happy’

Derry Lindsay, who wrote All Kinds of Everything with Jackie Smith. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

All Kinds of Everything often credited to Phil Coulter - but Ballymun’s Derry Lindsay wrote it with colleague

Eóin MacManus: I have a tendency to compare online and then shop locally as much as I can.

The most expensive thing I have bought is my house, but the most extravagant is a Porsche 911

The stories behind the hub in upstate New York where Americana music was forged

Siobhán Parkinson, publisher, Little Island Books

Investing in shares would come very low on my list of fun ways to spend an afternoon”

Prince performing in LA in March 2005. Photograph:   Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Cork in 1990; Dublin in 2002; and again in 2011, after that no-show in 2008, Prince showed his live game was every note as sharp a(...)

Gordon D’Arcy: I got caught with a bad investment during the recession. Thankfully, I had taken good advice prior to all my undertakings, and so the loss was small enough.

‘Doing a little research on comparison websites before you shop can be helpful’

Lisa O’Neill: “I lose concentration very easily; the page is boring for me to look at.” Photograph: Eric Luke

That might be true, but on her new album, Pothole in the Sky, the Cavan woman has become a self-assured songwriter, a process ca(...)

“I get called slag, bitch, lesbian, whore, ugly, but as a girl you get those comments from about the age of 11”

McNish writes insightful, funny, political poetry rooted in her everyday life, on topics including weird attitudes to breastfeedin(...)

Rebecca Storm: “I have been to casinos, but I’d mostly be eating and drinking with the occasional flutter. The house always wins.”

‘I have realised that things that had become the norm were in fact unnecessary luxuries’

Deirdre O’Reilly: “I know what it is like not to have any money, so I do not take it for granted.”

‘I will always ask if there is a deal to be had on any potential purchase’

Eau de humanity! Angst by Coldplay

From Björk taking over as lead singer of Led Zeppelin to Coldplay’s customised fragrance

Peter Casey: Never been able to save. Just not in my DNA.

I had to buy a Jaguar as they are owned by my largest client, Tata

Paul Mooney: Buying cheap means buying twice

‘The recession opened my eyes to such stores as Aldi and Lidl’

Chloe Townsend: “I think there is definitely a sweet spot between being time wealthy and wealthy.”

‘I am a big believer in spending money on experiences’

2Pac’s fourth album suffers from poor mixing and too many obviously unfinished songs

On the eve of the release of another album by Jeff Buckley, we look at some other posthumous album releases, from Otis Redding to (...)

Evros Technology  managing director Bob Murray: “Iprefer to buy locally if possible. I feel that, as long as I’m not paying over the odds, I’m supporting a local business paying a local salary and local taxes.”

‘I never bet on horses or dogs or anything suchlike. I’m terrified I might win’

Irene Queally, owner and founder of  Pip & Pear Chilled Baby Foods: “I’m a big local supporter. I try and buy everything in Waterford as we have so much to offer here.”

‘Learning the importance of money is something we try to teach our children’

Låpsley: “You forget that the music reaches out to people and that what you do isn’t as private as you might think”

Right from the beginning, Holly Fletcher knew that she would have to do things on her own - "My personality suits being quite inde(...)

CC Brez: “It got to the point where we were gigging just to pay rent”

Leaving Republic of Loose was tough, but Cormac Breslin’s fine debut album shows it was worth the risk

Paul Galvin: “I can’t be bothered trawling through websites when you can just go into a store and buy there and then.”

‘I’m conscious of supporting independent business, they are the backbone of the economy’

Fenero chief executive Sinéad Doherty: “I don’t haggle for the sake of it, especially if I know something is already a fair price.” Photograph: Roger Kenny

Money is important to me, but far less important than my family and my health

Gerry Leonard (on right) playing live with David Bowie

Leonard was heckled by Bowie before becoming part of his inner circle for 15 years

Thin Lizzy: Phil Lynott at the Hammersmith Odeon, in London, in 1976. Photograph: Erica Echenberg/Redferns

The Thin Lizzy founder – Ireland’s first bona-fide rock star – died on January 4, 1986. Friends recall the man they knew

Time flies when the music’s fun, as this entirely random retrospective shows

It took until 2010 before Apple Corps allowed Beatles albums to be released on the iTunes Store, the streaming service developed by Apple Inc 15 years ago.

Band’s entire back catalogue will be on streaming services as of 12.01am on Thursday

Jansen Plateproduksjon, 4 stars

 The Priests, Fr. David Delargy, and brothers Fr. Martin O’Hagan and Fr. Eugene O’Hagan, pictured in Dublin. ahead of the concerts around Ireland, Christmas with the Priests.Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Fame hasn’t changed The Priests from being plain, ordinary men of the cloth, writes Tony Clayton-Lea

Gavin James: “I’d write songs during the day, and then try them out in front of a crowd at night – my songs would always sink or swim.” Photograph: Tommaso Boddi/Getty

As the US opens its arms to Dubliner Gavin James, and Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran take him into the fold, he is going from Temple Bar(...)

Who said looking back was boring? Try telling that to Brand New Retro

 U2 performs on stage in the ‘iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE’ show  at the 3 Arena , Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Social history, personal memories feature against backdrop of innovative performance

Jigsaw Records, 4 stars

Tracy Chapman. Photograph: Morena Brengola/Getty Images

It has been nearly three decades since Chapman shot to fame but she still feels like she’s ‘not the ideal person for the job’

Director David Lynch. Photograph: Ilya S Savenok/Getty Images

A live tribute to the songs and music of David Lynch brings together an eclectic group of artists

Elvis Costello: his vivid, lyrical book is among rock’s very best autobiographies. Photograph: Frank Micelotta/Getty

The singer has written an acutely self-aware, scathingly honest and passionate autobiography

The 38 Tonnes Marching Band from France on Oliver Plunkett St, Cork. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

Debate over Guinness Jazz Festival’s definition of the genre becomes an argument

Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) in ‘Back to the Future Part II’: futuristic depiction of this coming Wednesday

From fingerprint technology to flying cars, just how accurate were the trilogy of films' predictions?

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