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I’m getting addicted to the remote control again, which is a bad sign. It’s as if I can’t live without some sense of control, some(...)

‘I could only hope that something would inspire me when I got to the city, to the hotel and closer to RTÉ.’ Above, Brendan O’Connor on The Saturday Night Show

I heard Brendan O’Connor telling jokes to the audience as I waited to go on to The Saturday Night Show. ‘What are you going to tal(...)

Spin the bottle. Photograph: Thinkstock

I’ve read erotic scenes in books over the years, but I never found anything in life as wonderful as the random promiscuity that co(...)

‘The Brigid’s cross is my talisman for spring, just as the icon of the Madonna carried me through the winter.’ Photograph: Declan Doherty

I am not Catholic any more, nor Jew, nor Muslim. But then neither is God

‘There is something about Romania that feels like the beginning of the road to the east, or the end of Europe.’ Above, a street scene in Bucharest. Photograph: Thinkstock

I felt unsafe in Bucharest, and the woman who showed me to my apartment was inscrutable

Positively pornographic? Photograph: Thinkstock

So the General asked me recently, changing the subject from his prostate exam

Love all. Photograph: Thinkstock

What makes it work is spontaneity and the unimportance of the subject

‘I was so moved by the simple acknowledgement of my humanity that when I saw a woman begging, I gave her three pound coins instantly.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

The ultimate reality is that we are all connected. This is a very wise idea

Michael Harding at Lough Allen, Co Leitrim. Photograph: Brian Farrell

There was no stress. Gradually my cat Roxie’s head drooped and I placed her sideways and watched her inhale each final breath, lik(...)

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